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Trapped By An Handsome CEO

Trapped By An Handsome CEO



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Trapped By An Handsome CEO






Trapped By An Handsome CEO

Rating: 6.0/10 from 101 ratings

They say fate can never be changed or rectify, that was the story of Emily Wilburn, a hardworking lady whose life revolves around her job and family. Fate threw her into the hands of Cade Callaghan, a billionaire businessman who is ruthless and heartless, he doesn't believe in love neither does he care about it. They met by chance and due to circumstances Emily found herself being offered a bargain, at first she refused it but things didn't went as she hoped which led her into accepting the offer. Cade took her to his family island but she didn't realize that that was the worst mistake she ever made. The island was full of mysteries and secrets which could result to havoc in both their lifes. Emily was all business, she wasn't prepared to fall in love with Cade but we can stop while we fall in love with, even if that person is the villain. The island of love and secrets, Emily wasn't ready for what's coming!