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Mafia's Star

Mafia's Star



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Mafia's Star






Mafia's Star

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STAR OF THE MAFIA KING He is a cold hearted and a ruthless personality who can send shivers down the spine of the person who stands infront of him but at the same time, he is also the heartthrob of the world. Aarav Malhotra is a business man, one of the top most singers, most eligible bachelor for the outside world and a happy go lucky guy with a cold hearted personality. But just like every coin has two sides, no one saw the second and dark side of his life who is still the scared and love craving child. Naina chatterjee is a person who's soul is filled with music and dedicated to music. She is a simple and happy go lucky girl with a beauty that can drown anyone. She loved someone in the past and is still loving. But she didn't know whether he is still loving her or fell for someone else. Aarav looked into Naina's eyes for the first time and fell for her even without knowing her. After a few days he directly said looking into her eyes "I loved you and will always will do forever" making Naina the most luckiest girl on the earth. Time passed and something disaster happened and Aarav stood infront of everyone and looked into her eyes again and said "It was never the thing we expected or we lived in. Shanaya is my girlfriend." It broke her heart into zillion pieces and she felt thousands of ants biting her flesh and hurting her. Will she ever forgive him for whatever he did? Will he ever realise his true feelings towards Shanaya or Naina? ~ MAFIA'S STAR...........