love is unnerving
67 Madhu and Sindhu epilogue
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love is unnerving
Author :Tejaswi_Y
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67 Madhu and Sindhu epilogue

Madhu pov

I informed everyone that I am actually the heir of Reddy group and they checked everything and I did what I want to do..

i sold my shares to Reddy company share holders and I gave that money to one of the orphanage..

I have another company actually to start up. it's actually running good .

" when. is your date with Sindhu?" Manu asked me

actually I asked Sindhu out. I am seriously want to die . I thought she won't accept me but she accepted finally.

we are going to some restaurant.

I went that restaurant finally. I waited 10 minutes for her and I saw her finally. she looked good in her white dress.

" hi " she said and I know she is nervous. me also.

" you can order" I said gave and we order finally.

we started talking about us..

" what about sunny?" I asked her..

" they won't allow me talk to him" she said .

we completed our dinner finally.

I don't know what to say to her anymore?

she was working as lecturer in her department. I can't believe that she took that department ..

she looked more mature than before.

" Madhu i want to ask you one thing" she said.

" you can" I said.

" do you .me?" she said very nervously..

I nodded.and she asked me again.

" yes and I really like you and when I met you first. time I fallen but because of that revenge and. I stayed away from you" I said the total truth to her. actually she is my first love and crush..

she looked shock and what she did next time shock me.

she kissed me on my lips. that is my move actually I thought..

I kissed her back immediately. I got her answer with kiss .

Sindhu pov


Today our marriage day finally.and I am excited to marry my love. I can't believe he confessed his love for me. I liked him the way he liked me. I surprised that he liked me already..

I saw my sister brother and my family. they are happy about my marriage. they thought I won't marry anymore. but it s happened actually..

I love you Madhu and forever..


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