happenings on time
2 Digesting the things
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happenings on time
Author :DeatFace
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2 Digesting the things

The guy looked pretty basic except for his green hair.

Smiling at my side he introduced himself.

"Hello everyone, I am hans jeal".

"I am transferring here this late of year because my old school shut due to some financial problems".

"still, I would like to be friendly and frank to everyone and I hope you'll too".

"Ok hans, you can sit at the last bench near the window", said the teacher.

And guess where I sat. It was the second last bench near the window.

"What a confusingly wonderful day it is", I mumbled to myself.

"Hey, seiren", called hans whispering in my ear.

"What is it. Hans. was it"?

How'd he knew my name.

"yes, I would like to be friends as we sit next to each other", He replied.

"What other choice have I got. Alright", I replied still trying to coup up with what's happening.

"Great. I hope we will always be at good terms", he said in an eccentric tone.

But i don't want friends

But despite that, I avoided him for the rest but he still caught me at off.

"seiren",He called.

"just call me sei", I replied so he'd not think I didn't want friends.

"ok sei, are you free for rest of the day", he said in high hopes.

"yeah, so", I replied.

"i was wondering if you'd show me around this area", he said.

"sure, why not", i said.

Not though sure why i said.

I was clear on the thought of not getting close to people.

"Yahoo!", he exclaimed.

Though the plan was to show area. I wonder how I reached my home. Well whatever.

"let's go inside", i told him.
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"sure", he smiled.

One thing I'm sure about is that my sister will surely be surprised.


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