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Eulalia: The CEO'S Assistant

Eulalia: The CEO'S Assistant



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Eulalia: The CEO'S Assistant






Eulalia: The CEO'S Assistant

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"Euli." I'm pressed up against his desk, his front to my back, and I can feel everything. "Yes" I answer breathlessly, he pulled my hair backward. "Do you think I care if anyone sees me ravishing your sinful body?" I try to wiggle out of his hold to no avail, he pulls me tighter to his front and I feel his hardness "Cons...tantine " I stutter There's a knock on the door and i quickly regain myself, push him backwards and arrange my scattered hair and he just smirks at me. Eulalia gets a well paying job at a very successful company but she doesn't know why she can't stop thinking about her boss and all the dirty things he could do to her. Constantine can't stop thinking about the little angel that works for him and beautiful her blue eyes are. He will stop at nothing until he makes sure that she is HIS. It started as a boss secretary relationship but turned into something more sinful. Will their love be strong enough to overcome any storm or will it crumble in the end?