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Can I still love you?

Can I still love you?


Hanna swetha

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Can I still love you?






Can I still love you?

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"I can do anything just to get your forgiveness," said Allen with the pleading tune, he knows that he can't be forgiven for the mistake, he has done, he knows that was unforgivable but still, he wants to get 2nd chance, "did you think, getting forgiveness is so easy? NO, IT IS NOT, I can never forgive a man like you, a man, who hurt me to the point that I have to lose my unborn child, I will never forgive you" shouted Anna on Allen's face, she was so angry and at the same, she wants revenge for the suffering she has gone through, what will happen between them and why does she hate him so much, come on, let's find out, what happened between them.

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