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Billionaire's Surrogate In Love

Billionaire's Surrogate In Love



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Billionaire's Surrogate In Love






Billionaire's Surrogate In Love

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Vivienne Payton is a 19 years old girl with endless beauty, she was raised in an orphanage, she knew nothing of her birth parents or who brought her to such a place but at the age of ten, she was thrown out for a crime she didn't commit, she never thought life was easy but she made sure she worked hard her entire life to give herself a better life and future but for how long when life problems presented themselves, bringing her back to the reality that she was all alone with no one to call her own but for a successful future she was willing to do anything including being the billionaire's Surrogate, he was broken, betrayed and disappointed and 9 months with him changed everything "I'm only doing this for money...that's the important thing to me" She needed it but what happens when her fate is twisted, what started fine turned serious. What if feelings and the heart are involved, will Vivienne be able to reach her goal of being successful or will she embrace her new life, will Victor ever get over his wife's death and accept love for the second time? A MUST read story full of, drama, lies, betrayal, hot romance, forbidden passion, and a possessive Male Lead.