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Becoming a superstar in Hollywood

Becoming a superstar in Hollywood



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Becoming a superstar in Hollywood






Becoming a superstar in Hollywood

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///Author note this is my first time writing a web novel so I apologize for my writing. However I will do best to improve and I would like to say I not against making small changes to the certain character if necessary. //// <br> <br>This is a story about how a young boy receives information about the future from advice called the 'Apuls '.Which also helped strengthen his mind well watch him use his future knowledge to take over the world using mind and devilish good look.As he take the responsibility of take his family out of the slamps and to a life of wealth and luxury. <br> <br>However many aren't happy to see one monopolies nearly all industries and try to stop his rise to fame by any means possible. <br> <br>As conquers the film, music, gaming and fashion industry. <br> <br>Using his knowledge to create his own business empire from scratch. <br> <br>This story is similar to novel such as I in Hollywood but doesn't focus to much of movies making. <br> <br>The protagonist also has a strong moral code, he follows due to his upbringing.