adventures of Jessica
5 chapter 5
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adventures of Jessica
Author :ThenightEg
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5 chapter 5

"where the hell are we?" asked Jason.
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"I have no idea, how did we even come here?" I asked, looking around to find any clue to where we are. I find a sign" Vancouver?" said Jason.

"weren't we in Egypt just a second ago?"

"what the fuck did you do?" asked Jason.

" I did nothing I swear, wait where's the book and the necklace" I got nervous looking around, but nothing could be seen in the middle of the night on the road. "maybe the werewolf took it?" said Jason. Jason then pleases that we just move along and find some safe place to sit in as it was getting colder and colder by the minute. we start walking along the two lane road that had no cars on, it was quiet and very hazy. me and Jason started to talk just to try and relax after all what has happened, well to me I find it weird that he still is walking or even talking to me after his entire family just died from an explosion and that I almost got him killed. something was kinda off but I just didn't know what it was at all. we walk and walk for about 30 minutes without a word coming out. I then see a small house close by, just next to a small church. " let's go there, no one is there so maybe we can spend the night until someone comes". but Jason just didn't like the idea, " what If someone is already there?", I insisted him that we spend the day as we were totally dead tired and have no energy to even walk another 30 miles to the main city. we try opening the door and for our good it was unlocked, we went in. Jason made the fire to warm us and I started looking for any food I could find in the house, " do you like beans cause thats the only thing in this house" I asked Jason." anything would be good" said Jason. I grab them and start pouring them into a huge bucket I found in the kitchen and hinged it to the fire wall to heat up. "There's only one bed..." said Jason.

"ill sleep on the couch and you take the bed" said Jason.

" no I'll take the couch" I replied. but Jason insisted and took the coat from my hand to cover him self to sleep on the couch. I lie on the bed just 2 meters away from the couch he's sleeping at.

I stare at him sleeping which I thought was really weird, like very weird. "why are you looking at me?" said Jason. I was shokth that he even knew I was looking at him sleeping like a beautiful hot pepper."sorry I just, I can't seem to sleep and it's really really cold right now" I replied hopping he doesn't ask anything else and hopping it goes by really fast. he gets up gets his coat and covers it over the cover I already have on me. "aren't you gonna feel cold?" I asked. "it's okay" he replied. that okay made my heart beat fast.

"how about you lie in bed next to me? " I asked. I hope he would say yes but he said no sadly. and I know he would die freezing if I did so lee him like that. " I insist" I said. he gets up and I open the cover, the bed was really small so we were kinda cramped, I mean he's 6 foot and I'm 5,2. as he lied in bed with me I felt his packs hitting my back, my face stated blushing but I couldn't let him see me like that. I turned around covering my face and I felt his arms over me, like he was protecting me and I kinda liked it. I mean that was the first time I was ever that close to him.

" your checks are red" said Jason. I looked at his red lips moving not concentrating on what he's saying to me at all, his sharp jawline killing me, his blue and green eyes and his blond long hair making my legs hurt. I start biting my lips harder and harder. I couldn't control my self so I pushed him and sat over him kissing him, my lips on his lips and surprisingly he didn't stop me, his huge vainly hands on my back and going under and under. he started to take of his shirt with me doing the same. he then took place over me kissing my neck and going all the way to my chest, holding my hands away and his legs on mine, his face going under and under, for a second he looked at me and went in, I couldn't stop him from sucking me with his hands holding me and me moaning louder and louder every single moment, we were very warm, he then went up and kissing me harder and harder with his right hand in me. he then says he's going to go slow. I looked at him and just proceeded to kiss him, his dick going inside me, taking my virginity. he went in slowly and then went faster and faster. I loved it all.


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