adventures of Jessica
4 chapter 4
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adventures of Jessica
Author :ThenightEg
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4 chapter 4

"Jessica..... Jessica? your alive, find me as fast as possible, the book will lead you and make sure not to trust anyone around you" said a voice, the voice seemed very clear and it sounded like I heard the person before. I open my eyes wide open and see my self in the back seat and Jason driving my mom's car to god knows where."stop the car NOW" I screamed scaring Jason making him push the brake throwing me from the back seat to the front seat hitting my head on the window."you're awake!!!, thank god" said Jason holding his heart."you will thank god once you tell me where your going, where's my mom and where are we" I asked staring at him in disgust.

"look your mom told me to go as far as I can go, she told me to protect you and try to look for someone called John" said Jason.

"take me back" I replied.

" I can't Jessica, I can't" said Jason, it made me dead angry that he didn't do what I told him to do."Jessica, everyone's dead. your mom, my parents and my friends, an explosion happened and no one made It" when he said those words my heart started to break, another lie? maybe all this was a dream. Jason then starts showing me a vid from the news talking about a huge explosion thats happened because of a volcano. the weird part is there is no volcano anywhere in Egypt.

Jason starts to drive and both of us are quite as hell, no one is talking to each other, I get into the back seat to check on the book my dad told me about, I open it and the first page said


I start turning the pages looking for other stuff, I start reading the prophecies written down,

" Jason look, the first prophecy is the creation of the beast, with the blood of a witch, a vampire, a wear-wolf and a human, creating something out the hands of Mother Nature , A MISTAKE" I look at Jason in confusion and continue to read," he lived to concur planets and destroy them and he had no mercy to anyone not even to his own creation. this book you hold gives you power like no other, it makes you see prophecies that will happen, with the book on your side you can stop it, if all prophecies happen, the beast shall escape his curse and destroy what was once a peaceful planet to turn into the house of the beast, filled with anger and destruction and death" I close the book and throw it in the back. Jason stops the car, "why'd you stop?" I asked.

"look" he murmured. I turn my head to the street and see a person standing far away from us,"just go nothing is wrong, it's just a figure" I said.

" jee he's running towards us" he screamed, Jason locked the door and I started looking for the button my mom used to press when she used to get attacked. I then told Jason to switch seats with me." Jason look in the back seat you'll find a red button, press on it", Jason goes back seat looking for the red button" found it" and he pressed it.

"SAFETY MOOD ON" said the car.

I drive at full speed with the person running towards us, when I reach him close enough he jumps over the car standing on the roof and banging it, he looked huge and hairy, I look to my left and see the book shaking, "switch with me" I shouted, I hold the book and start seeing what I can do, I suddenly see words, mostly looking like spells. his claws break the roof and looking at us," It's a fucking wear-wolf" Jason screamed. I scream from the top of my lungs, which made him scream at us. Jason hits the break throwing the wear-wolf away from us. I look into the book again to find something helpful. " Transfer us" I screamed.
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