adventures of Jessica
3 chapter 3
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adventures of Jessica
Author :ThenightEg
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3 chapter 3

"ooh my god of my god go my god, my mom's a killer" I screamed while Jason is staring at the dead bodies. "your mom's a killer" said Jason, I look at him and shake my head." that's impossible my mom is just a business person, she would never kill anyone" I replied.

I jump in the car," where are you going ?" asked Jason. " to mom, she needs to explain", Jason gets in with me and I drive like bad shit, speeding through all the traffic lights without stopping, I reach home and park the car running towards the door and opening it." MOM" I screamed twice, she gets down stairs and tries to hug me, but I push back forcefully. "what's wrong with you, I was worried about you all day" said Linda. " hi misses Linda" said Jason.

" why are there two dead bodies in the car trunk?, so you kill now?" I screamed. mom looks at me and sits down on her couch smoking a cigar, she then starts looking out the window " sit down, both of you" said Linda, I felt scared of maybe I'm gonna be killed, but I sat down me and Jason close together." Jessica, your not normal, and so is your father, both you are watchers, creatures that have power like no other, you guys see prophecies and your job is to stop them" said Linda.

I stood up in anger screaming about her lies and that she's drunk and stupid. but then she looks at me with her eyes glowing red with anger, " I SAID SIT DOWN" the house started shaking after she said that." I'm not normal either, I'm a witch a dark one, your half watcher half witch, but you can't use your powers cause I took them, we tried to make your life as normal as possible putting all thats coming to you away for your safety, we did this because we loved you" said Linda tearing up blood from her eyes.

"your crying blood" said Jason.
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"yes, witches cry blood, because we are cursed by the Gods" said Linda.

"why all this ?" I asked.

" you know nothing, they took your father because he was one of the prophecies, your one of the prophecies, angles and witches can never make love, or they'll create something like you" said Linda throwing the cigar and hugging both me and Jason.

"Jason, protect Jessica" with that she pushes us out the house and into the car hitting me in my head making me unconscious and telling Jason to drive as far as possible and to never stop looking for John. Jason drives off with me in the back, next to me the necklace and the book I thought I left home.


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