adventures of Jessica
2 chapter 2
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adventures of Jessica
Author :ThenightEg
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2 chapter 2

"so your dad gave you this?"asked Jason.

"well no, he kept it with mom until I turn 18 which is tomorrow, he wanted me to have it and open it, the problem is I have no clue what he's talking about but most importantly who my uncle is"

Jason starts looking at the necklace and start going to google trying to find anything, he then starts looking for anyone named John sales who is supposed to be my uncle, weird thing is I never knew I had an uncle at first, all I know is my dad was adopted by a rich family.

"Jessica, I found him" said Jason, I rush over to him and I look at his computer, " so this is him? where does he live?" Jason tries to track him but can't, telling me he looks dead. I thank Jason and head out to my car, "everything is going to be alright" said Jason hugging me, I hug him back even harder than I usually do. I get in my car and head home.

I enter and see no one in, mom was watching TV and the two guys left, looks like she did he business. I walk up stairs into my room and lock my self, I cover my self and force my self to sleep,"I hope all this is just a dream".

"rise and shine sweetheart" said mom opening the blinds of my room, "good morning mom" I was confused, remembering that I locked the door before I slept.

"mom, how did you open the door when I locked it the other night", she looks at me" je I have the keys to the entire house, did you forget?"

" looks like you opened your box" mom looks at me and sits near me in my bed.
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" yeah" I replied with my heart betting harder and harder by the second.

" you don't seem confused" said mom, confused mom, I don't even know whats real and whats fake.

" cut the bullshit jee I know you read the letter and went to Jason for his help of any kind, I just wish your shitty father didn't write that letter, you were a child" said mom

" mom what are you talking about exactly? so you know about all this?" I get off my head stairin at her eyes with fire.

"your father is a watcher, a person who makes sure prophecies don't happen so that the beast don't escape the curse, but then he was killed as per the prophecy and now the book has turned to you, your father should have told you everything but we just didn't know when was the best time and by the Time he wanted to tell you on the way to school the car flipped killing him with"

what mom just said destroyed me, I still believed all this was just an act and it's all in my head and that I'm dreaming, I rush to my keys and drive off my moms car, I head to my secret place no one knows about, where I can just breath and try and find a fucking solution, what the actual fuck , my dad is a prophecy bitch. fuck...

I reach my safe zone and text Jason to come over, so he can comfort me, I get out the car and sit on the roof of the car, I look up at the shiny sky and close my eyes hoping it all goes away."jee you okay?" I look to my right and see Jason pulling up from his uber and coming over to my car. I get down and just hug him with all I have, harder than usual, "can you please tell me everything" I open the car and we both sit at the back seat face to face, I start telling him everything word by word, and believe me I was as confused as he was.

"I need water" said Jason

"I guess my mom has some in the trunk" Jason gets out and goes to grab a water, he takes more than a minute and then calls me to come over asap. I run to him " wtf is wrong?" he doesn't answer but stairs at the trunk, I look what's in and see both men's body who were in my house the other night in my trunk dead.


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