adventures of Jessica
1 chapter 1
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adventures of Jessica
Author :ThenightEg
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1 chapter 1

it was a cold but dark night, a day remembered by all gods and creatures created before humanity. A tall man good in shape, big brown eyes and long soft hair flying with the cold breeze. Anger filled inside him, armed with a sword full of darkness and smoke exiting the sword from the sadness inside him, his name is the watcher, created after the Big Bang to maintain balance and to stop dark prophecies to take place to lock away the darkness locked in and cursed to a book.

2018 October 5th

" good morning babe, what do you want for your birthday?" asked Linda.

"mom you can chill, my birthday is tomorrow not today" said Jessica

Linda starts playing with Jessicas hair and looking at her, she then runs over to her room grabbing something and coming back to the kitchen." what's that ?" asked Jessica. Linda gives a box to Jessica as she indulges a huge bit of pancake. "whats this?, mom I said no presents" Linda looks at Jessica and Jessica smiles back with her mouth full of chocolate. "you've grown up so much, your dad would be happy right now"

"mom whats all this pep talk?"

"your dad always wanted you to have this, and now since your 18 years old I guess your all ready to open it. make sure to open it when your alone"

"okay I'm gonna go, I'm gonna be late for school" I grab my bag and head out to my kia.

I get in my car and get a call from my best-friend Jason " hey whats up?" I asked

" I'm good what about you?"

" I'm good, gonna come and pick you up in 5 minutes, better be ready cause I'm not gonna wait like every-other day"

"okay" he replied.

I arrive at Jacobs house waiting for him, so we can head to School.

"sorry for being late" said Jacob

" it's okay" I replied. I start telling Jacob about this amazing holiday vacation the school is doing taking us to Hawaii and that both of us should go.

we reach school and each of us go to our classes.

"happy birthday gorgeous" said druk

"druk seriously, just because you remembered my birthday which by the way is tomorrow doesn't mean I'm dating you again" I replied trying to find a way to leave so we can't have an awkward chat. druk cheating and that's it, never giving a chance to anyone.

"please listen to me, just give me a chance I can change" said druk

"change can never be inside you, your just not my type anymore" I push him away and head out to my class which starts in 5 minutes.

3:00 pm

"mom I'm home" I open the fridge and take a piece of chicken sandwich.

"who are you?" I asked the two men sitting in the living room couch.

"were your mom's friends, old friends" said the man on the right while the man on the left was quiet."ooh hi dear your home" said mom." yeah I guess your busy, I'm gonna be In my room if you need anything" I head up looking at both man and my mom, it felt weird but felt like I saw them multiple times but not sure when or where.

I get into my room and lie on my bed, I look to my right side and see the box my mom gave me put on my studying table. I get up and lock the door and start unwrapping the box. I open it and see a red necklace surrounded by blue crystals."wow this is seriously something" I look into the box and see a huge book, a book the size of my xbox 360, it was huge maybe about 1000 pages. the book looked very old, the pages were empty but it felt very old and each page was very thick. I remove it from the box and see a letter, with my name written on it.

Dear Jessica,

if your reading this, it means I'm dead and that your 18 now, or maybe by tomorrow.I'm so sorry for not being there for you, I feel guilty for not seeing you succeed and having to put your mom at this position of depression. but you have to listen to me, the necklace with you is the stone of power, and the book with you is the book of prophecies, keep them safe and always watch your back. you are more than gifted and have a huge role in your life you still don't know. take care of you self. you will understand everything when you meet uncle John.

love dad.
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I rush over down stairs and see my mom doing her business with the two guys, I grab my car keys and run with my PJ's on to my car driving to my best friends house Jason. I call him but he doesn't seem to answer any of them neither does he respond to any of my text messages. I reach to his house." hey Jessica, you're very late, is there something wrong ?" asked Jason's mom. I breath heavily" umm can I see Jason, it's really important" I replied. she nods her head and open's the door for me to enter to his room, she then looks at me and closes the door, I wait for him.

the door open's and Jason gets out the shower, it was the first time in my life I ever saw him without a shirt, tall and blond and has big blue eyes with thick but soft lips and abs I never thought he would have. my mouth drops to the ground and I was lost for words."hey Jessica why are you here? is something wrong ?" I couldn't really answer him, I was speech less,"umm I need to talk to you about something, my dad left me a box and it's really weird" well I said all that while looking at his gorgeous abs steaming from the hot bath he had, his hairy sexy legs sweating and his arms filled with muscles that made me weak and weak by the minute, I just prayed he would wear an underwear cause that towel will fall any minute." Jessica, your all right... just tell me what's going so I can understand what your really talking about" he grabs his clothes and wears them, " would you mind" he asked, I turn my head and I can hear his body calling out for me, gosh what is going on with me. why am I attracted to him, he's my best friend.


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