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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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13 13. Council

Riz's parents found him eating with a yellow-haired child. They ate very voraciously, Hui Tai Lang also did not lose eating ramen very ravenously, even more amazing, both of their heads scrambled to eat together.

Riz felt someone behind him looking back and found his parent "Hey dad mom Ito-san, let's eat Naruto asking me to eat very good ramen"

"Are you new here? My name is Teuchi, the owner of ramen Ichiraku." Teuchi came to bring another portion of a bowl of ramen in his hands to Riz and Naruto.

"Yes, we just arrived this morning. My name is Kuroge, this is my wife Shiro, and my sister Ito, Teuchi-san, thank you for looking after Riz."

"Well it's okay, I'm actually happy with him. In fact I'm happy and thankful Riz-chan has been friends with Naruto-chan, he is very sorry for not having friends and all the people away from him" Teuchi was saddened by Naruto's condition.

Kuroge's Ito and Shiro expression was shocked to mix with gratefull. Then they saw Naruto who was engrossed in a race eating ramen with Riz.

"You didn't introduce your friend Riz-chan" Shiro asked softly to Riz.

"Mom, she is not my friend, she is my cousin, we are both one family, right Naruto" Riz grap Naruto shoulder and proudly introduce him new family.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, my dream of wanting to become Hokage" Naruto talked seriously.

Hahahaha.... the adult laugh out loud with Naruto antic "Naruto, welcome to our family" Kuroge laughed while crying happily because he met his family members.

They laughed and ate together at Ichiraku, Akame daughter of Teuchi also served sake to Kuroge as her father joined in drinking with Kuroge.

"Let's go back to our new home"

"Naruto, do you want to come along with Riz?"

"No thanks, I still have to go home to the shelter, I'm afraid they are worried because I'm not there." Naruto said goodbye and left.

Sigh ... "We don't know what this child is in his mind" Kuroge regretted.

Riz was full of questions with Kuroge's words. Riz lashed at Hui Tai Lang he fell asleep at his back, Hui Tai Lang reduced his speed to make Riz sleep more comfortably.

They found their apartment spacious enough with three bedrooms toilets and a kitchen.

Shiro raised Riz from Hui Tai Lang's back and laid him on the bed.

"Gukk ... gukk.... gukk ..." Hui Tai Lang was caught in the door of his large body not entering.

'Looks like I have to find a bigger house' Kuroge thought further.

"Hui Tai Lang, what if you just sleep on the roof" Ito advised Hui Tai Lang who tried to force his large body through the door and finally he got stuck.

"You can damage the door if you force in and Riz-chan will definitely be angry with you" Shiro added.

The two heads were like thinking and finally he backed away and slept in the apartment hallway.

The adult sighed with relief, they were afraid that the new house they were living in had been destroyed because of Hui Tai Lang.

The Uzumaki family enjoyed their new home, in Konoha there was a meeting represented by the patriach of each clan. They talked about Uzumaki who came to Konoha.

"Uzumaki asks Jinchuriki Kyuubi to stay with them !!! And you gave permission " Koharu's female elders council spoke loudly.

"Are you sure about this Sarutobi, you give them Uzumaki the Jinchuriki Kyuubi, those who are experts in Fuinjutsu techniques" Homura asked Sarutobi sitting.

"Yes Naruto he is still small, he needs his family and Uzumaki right as his family" Sarutobi speaks while smoking smoking pipes.

"But that could endanger Konoha, what if they intentionally unsealed the Kyuubi" Koharu insisted.

"And I also heard that the Uzumaki boy (Riz)brought a strange beast, do you want to endanger the Konoha people Sarutobi"

"If you talk about two headed wolf, you just relax as long as you don't disturb him or disturb his owner he won't hostile to you" Sarutobi speaks casually while looking at Inuzuka clan.

"Where are you sure about this Sarutobi?" Old man with bandage in his right hand speaking.

"Yes, I am sure Danzo and I affirm to you that you should never disturb their lives, they want to live as ordinary citizens"

!!!! "They are Uzumaki Sarutobi, if they become Konoha ninjas we will get a seal master in our army" Koharu was tough with Uzumaki as an ordinary citizen.

"Hokage-sama we requested that the dog be handed over to us" the Inuzuka Matriach clan spoke. Sarutobi looks at her.


"Kiba talks about how Uzumaki boy considers a dog ninja as his pet! Therefore we think he does not fit as partner the black dog" Inuzuka Matriach said spoke in anger.

"We Inuzuka clan are more suitable for him, all ninja dogs must have the right partner like us from the Inuzuka clan, so the strength and coordination of the ninja dog will increase." Matriach Inuzuka spoke in her dominant tone.

"Yes Sarutobi, how about you talk to Uzumaki to hand over the Black dog to Konoha to strengthen Konoha?" Homura spoke about the fact Konoha was in a weak state after the Kyuubi escaped from the seal, raging in the middle of the village.

Sarutobi takes a deep breath "If you want to try you guys please persuade Uzumaki, but I reiterate don't ever bother or disturb their lives" Sarutobi said with dominance as Hokage.

"Sarutobi about the latest fugitive in the Bingo book isn't he similar to Uzumaki boy" Danzo suddenly asked.

"You may be wrong Danzo, many children who have red and white hair" Sarutobi spoke in a relaxed tone, but in his heart he was afraid of this secret.

"We will continue, I will not ask for your opinion. I determined as the Hokage that Naruto will be raised by the Uzumaki family" Hokage resolutely decided.

" "Yes" " all clan leader agreed.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》