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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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12 12. Best Place to Ea


Ninjas follow Riz and Hui Tai Lang, they feel strange with children and dogs especially the dog is quite fierce when it first arrived in the village.

He was able to avoid a combination of Chunnin and special Jounin attacks, even managed to escape from the siege to enter the village.

At the Hokage's office, before the Uzumaki family reported his arrival.

"Hokage-sama our village got an attack, the Konoha gate conceded and the enemy entered the village" a ninja reported to the Hokage.

"How many intruders?" Hokage ask.

The Ninja is hesitant to answer "Only one Hokage-sama"

"What ?? What about the gatekeeper? Where are they?"

"They are now in pursuit intruder Hokage-sama" Shikaku entered the Hokage room.

Sarutobi takes out his crystal ball, and checks on intruders who dare to enter Konoha. They were shocked when they saw a big black dog with two heads, strong enough so that the shuriken didn't work against the his black skin that released sparks like iron. The siege of another ninja doesn't work, the dog running like looking for something.

"Hokage-sama seems like he's not dangerous looking for something in the village" Shikaku concluded after seeing the Black Dog circling and while his head turning left and right.

Hokage and others see it. When the black dog found Uzumaki family he ran towards them, Hokage and the other jaw fell to see the Black dog docile against the Uzumaki boy.

"Do you remember Hokage-sama with the newest bingo class that came out?" Shikaku paused then spoke.

"Yes, a little boy with red and white hair ..." The Hokage looked back at the crystal ball.

Hokage facepalmed "Do you think he is a fugitive S-class"


Hokage thought and decided " Shikaku, you try to plan whatever will happen to our village and if it's true he is 'that boy' I want to know the secret before Danzo acts rashly. Fox, you monitor the boy and report anything to me everynight"



In the park..

Some ninjas hide protecting children, they looking Riz from a distance.

"What the dog wants to do" is one of the Inuzuka clan's protective ninja asking themselves.

When Hui Tai Lang issued a blood lust, not only the children even the hiding ninjas also felt the killing intent of the dog. Those trained ninjas were tasked with protecting the clan's successor children, when feeling from far away the aura of Hui Tai Lang's killers flared.

"What do I feel about this?" some ninja asked himself.

"What I think is like a god of death approaching me"

The ninja commented.

Return with Hokage and Uzumaki family.

"So I want you to take care of him (Naruto)"

"But hokage-sama does the council allow us to take care of him"

"You are Uzumaki, you his family, I am more supportive of him being raised with his family than in a children's orphan"

"Yes Hokage-sama we happy we will take care of him"

"Kuroge are you hiding something?" The Hokage spoke seriously with Kuroge.

Kuroge sees Shiro and Ito, they talk to each other through gazes.

"Kuroge Konoha is like our tree. A big family, if one of the branch (people / clan) is not strong enough to support the tree then the tree will easily fall in the wind, if you have problems please tell us, we Konoha will help you as much as possible we"

Kuroge felt the Hokage's aura calm and clean without any scheme hiding in his gaze.

"Hokage-sama do you know the pillar of light that appears on the Land of Fire border"

"Yes of course, I got headache if I think about it"

"Riz our son is the pillar of light. So he is hunted as a fugitive S class for looking this information. Some people know about this, but he did not put info in Bingo book" Kurobe told a secret because he believed Hokage could keep their secret.

"WHAT!!!!" Sarutobi like eating hot pan, he almost heart attack hearing it.

"Let me confirm something so right this boy is fugitive S-class"

"Yes Hokage-sama, when we were in danger, Riz used a technique that made him lose the ability to use his chakra to save us, he succeeded in repelling the enemy alone"


"Yes, our Hokage-sama is surrounded by almost 100 ninjas of Chunnin and special Jounin levels, and ninja of class s class"

"He has such strength ??" The Hokage was shocked today, his old heart was no longer able to accept the shock, he passed out with shock.


At the Hokage office, two children ride a black wolf.

"Mom Dad I back" Riz returned to the Hokage office with Naruto.

"Why are you at the Hokage office Riz?" Naruto asked.

"I'm here because my parents are here"

"Sorry Hokage can't be bothered now" the receptionist told the two children.

"Oh, so I'm looking for my parents, they said I go to be here if I look for them I have to go to the highest tower with the symbol of fire."

"Oh, are you a child from the Uzumaki family?"


"Sorry for now that Hokage-sama is in a meeting so he can't be disturbed, if you want you can wait here" the secretary glanced at Naruto and looked disgusted.

Hui Tai Lang and Riz felt it, Riz was quite sensitive to people's feelings and Hui Tai Lang with their animal instincts. So they could feel the people in Konoha fearing disgust and other negative feelings directed at them as they walked, or rather directed to Naruto.

"I'm hungry, Hui Tai Lang are you hungry?" Riz saw Naruto sadly trying to distract him.

Gukk ... Gukk ... Gukk ...

"Okay, I know you must be hungry"
Riz patted his black wolf.

"Hey Naruto, do you know a good place to eat?"

"Yes of course I will take you to the best place to eat in Konoha," Naruto replied with a smile.


"Follow me Riz"


They keep walking (you remember riding Hui Tai Lang) until they reach a small shop.

Riz and Hui Tai Lang smelled from outside and they swallowed hard.

"What is this, I have not entered already smelled a very fragrant smell"

"Hahaha" Naruto laughed to see the owner and his pet mouth full of water.

"Introducing the best dining place in Konoha, Ichiraku Ramen" Naruto proudly introduces.


"You seem to be new here" came out an uncle.

"Yes Teuchi-san he was named Riz" Naruto introduced Riz proudly.

"My name is Riz Uzumaki Riz and this is my pet Hui Tai Lang" Riz introduced himself with a gentle style.

Gukk ... Guk ... Guk ..., Hui Tai Lang joined Riz.

"Wow, he's so cute and polite" a girl hugged Riz while pinching his cheek.

"It so shoft..."

"Aw.... awww... aww... it hurt"

"What do you order, please?, call me Akane-neesan"

"Hmmm ..." Riz thought "Hey Naruto, what should I order?"

"If I'm more like Miso ramen"

"Okay, Teuchi-san, I ordered that, Naruto, did you order right?"

Naruto looks at his wallet.

"Teuchi-san, give Naruto same. Naruto eat it my treat" Riz order Naruto.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》