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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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11 11. Naruto

While an adult Uzumaki discussion with Hokage, Riz walked around the village Mount in Hui Tai Lang back, on the way he got some food from villagers when they saw him and black dog with two headed because of his handsome and cute face. He ate snacks given by people and sometimes he gave it to Hui Tai Lang, until he was in the park where the children were playing.

There he saw a kid in his age playing, a child with pineapple hair, a fat boy who always eats snack, a child with a puppy on his head, and finally a child with a whisker sat alone on a swing.

Riz signaled Hui Tai Lang approaching the child in swing. The child was shocked when approached by a large black dog with two head staring at him.

"What you do want, dont eat me, my flesh not good to eat" said the whisker boy looked scared.

The black dog growled and licked his mouth showing his teeth. "Forgive me Mr. Black dog, don't eat me before I become Hokage" Whisker boy begged forgiveness on the blackdog.

"Pffff ... Hahahaha, you really are interesting" came the voice of a small child in back Black dog and descende child with blood red and white hair on the forehead of the black dog's back. He looking handsome even though he is still small.

"Nice to meet you, Whisker boy?" Riz smile asking.

"You're the whisker !! Your family is full of whisker !!! Your dog is also a whiske ..." he saw a black dog growling towards him. His hair on his neck shuddered to see it, he immediately shut up and looked down apologetically towards the black dog.

"Hahaha, whisker-kun what's your name?"

"Before asking for someone's name you should introduce your name first" Whisker boy snarled.

"Oh how is my manner, introduce my name Riz, Uzumaki Riz" Riz bowed to introduce himself.


"Yes I am Uzumaki Riz from the Uzumaki clan"

Whisker-kun cried "Hey what's wrong?" Riz asked with panic.

"My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto"

"You're Uzumaki too?"


"That means we're family, you're my cousin" Riz was pleased with this meeting. Hui Tai Lang laying in ground and Riz himself at Hui Tai Lang's body while reading the scroll.

"Why don't you play with them?" Riz saw Naruto being silent seeing another child playing.

"It's okay" Naruto looked sad, Riz knew he was having secret something but he didn't want to tell him.

Riz spoke with the system.

'System, how can I survive'

[System can show the situation when the host is unconscious]

'Okay please show me' after seeing the recording of the fight Riz was amazed and shocked.

'System, that dragon is it my guardian beast' Riz was shocked to see a large dragon that was very dominance.


'How can I call that dragon' Riz eyes sparkling.

{Report host, the system uses Immortal point to support automatic mode to call him}

'How much is left '

{The system uses 100000 Immortal points}

Sigh... 'Thank you systems, thanks to you my family and I have survived'

[Host because you can't use the chakra for a year, the system suggest you are strengthening your body]

{Host has unlocked <Titan God Body Refining Technique>}

Riz trembled and from his subconscious he felt <Library of Heaven path> bring up a book and like Riz understood the contents without needing to read.

"Hey, I am Inuzuka Kiba and this is Akamaru. Why is he two-headed, he looks very strong" coming to them is a noisy child carrying a puppy in his head with his gang asking Hui Tai Lang.

"Oh yes" Riz replied with an ordinary tone he is concentrating in understanding body refining technique he gets.

"What's the name of this dog?" Kiba seemed to be interested in Hui Tai Lang.

"My pet Hui Tai Lang" when Kiba knew Riz thought the dog as a pet he became angry.

"Watch your mouth !!" Kiba was angry and yelled at Riz.

Riz who was confused did not know why he was angry and he looking at Naruto. Naruto just shook his head because he didn't know either.

"Kiba stopped" and child came look lazy with pineapple hair with a fatty boy who ate the chips. He looked carefully at Riz and he also noticed looking him back.

"Forgive him, are you new here?" He asked and tried to feel Riz but he could not feel the chakra on his body.

"Yes, I just arrived this morning" Riz smiled.

"My name is Nara Shikamaru and this is my friend Akamichi Chouji, forgive Kiba he is from a clan that uses a ninja dog as his partner" Shikamaru explained to Riz.

'Oh, so he was angry because I considered Hui Tai Lang as a pet' "Yes it's okay, I'm also sorry because I didn't know about this" Riz apologized to Kiba.

"If you apologize what if you leave it to me, I'm stronger than you. You're just an ordinary human not a ninja." Kiba spoke confidently, Riz's eyes twitching when he heard it.

"Yes, please, if he wants follow you its okay" Hui Tai Lang heard him raise his head straight, he looked sad at Riz with puppy eye whose like neglected by his owner.

"Come on Black dog, come with me. I will give you a very delicious meat to eat." Hui Tai Lang saw Riz then saw Kiba when he saw Kiba, he growled because of him his owner abandoned him, accidentally he let out his bloodlust to him.

The children who felt it shuddered in horror and some wetted their pants, Kiba himself who was the target of fainting in place with his mouth open.

Akamaru saw it instead of helping Kiba instead come to Hui Tai Lang, his eyes filled with stars, like he idolized Hui Tai Lang's might.

"Stop it... I'm just joking Hui Tai Lang" Hui Tai Lang heard him happy and wagged his tail. Riz patted his head.

Akamaru made Kiba awake by biting it, Kiba saw Hui Tai Lang afraid of being amazed and interested.

When sunset arrived, their parents picked up their children in the park.

When they saw Naruto, they advised him not to play with him because he was a 'demon'.

Riz who heard it felt strange because the aura produced by Naruto was very pure. (Note: although he can't use the chakra, he can still use his senses)

"It's okay Naruto, you can play with me and Hui Tai Lang" "Woof ... Woof ... Woof ..." Hui Tai Lang bark in affirmation.

"He...he...he..." Naruto grin wipping his nose.

"Naruto tomorrow we play again" boy with pineapple hair Shikamaru speaks. Then came the parents of Shikamaru Chouji and Kiba pick them up.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》