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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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10 10. Konoha

In a dark place only lit by the light of oil lamp.

"Reverse summoning Tech" ninjas seal and issue techniques.

Poofff comes out of white smoke, Humans and big snakes are summoning.

Cough ... cough ... cough ... Orochimaru came out of the white smoke full of wounds.

"Orochimaru-sama !!!" Kabuto helps Orochimaru wake up.

"Kukukuku I'm safe." Orochimaru shouted, he remembered the power of red and white haired boy and an Azure Dragon to make Manda who is famous for his pride swagging helplessly.

"Manda, what exactly happened! Who is that dragon?"

"Ssshhhhsss ...., Orochimaru don't be fool, you can only be killed if you face him. I warn you never ever make a problem with him. That existence even the first sage snake does not have the aura and dominance like that. it seems if you are dealing with him you can only wait to be killed, he is a True Dragon the existence is only in legend"

Manda disappears and returns to the snake world telling the snake sage the dragon exist.

"Orochimaru-sama what really happened, I felt a very strong aura from the border of the fire country" Orochimaru was aware of Kabuto's talk, it seems the Uzumaki pair passed through the state of the fire to the village of Konoha.

'Kukukuku thats interesting, if I make all the villages attack Konoha, with information light pillars in Konoha village, of course all other villages will feel threatened'

"Kabuto put fugitive info about Uzumaki's child, but I want him to live" Orochimaru explained the physical characteristics and images of Riz.

The Shinobi world is in an uproar with the appearance of new faces in the Bingo book, and more surprisingly a child becomes a fugitive from the S class.


Rank: S

Wanted: Life

Description: Aged 4-5 years, red hair white on his forehead, carrying a black sword and Bronze tick book.

Prizes: 10,000,000 Ryo


The village shinobi and Rogue ninja are looking for the child, the prize is able to make them live to old age.

Shinobi world is in an uproar while our MC and his family are continuing their journey to Konoha village. They were worried about Riz's unconscious condition for almost a week, while they needed to travel a day to reach Konoha village. Along the way they were attacked by bandits and rogue ninjas and during that time they realized that Riz is a fugitive on a bingo book.

They were worried about the risks when they arrived in Konoha village, they could endanger Riz's safety.


In the morning in the hidden village of Leaf.

After a long week-long journey they arrived in gate Konoha village, the gatekeepers immediately met them, they saw a man carrying a woman who exhausted seemed to be his wife and a woman carrying a small child, they were very tired and exhausted. The man in front had red eyes and red hair that characterized the Uzumaki clan.

Chunin at the gate asked them, "Are you from the Uzumaki clan?" Chunin asked Kuroge who was in front.

"Yes, I am from the Uzumaki clan, my name Uzumaki Kurobe this is my wife Shiro, that girl over there Ito and the sleeping boy is my child Uzumaki Riz. can I meet with Hokage-sama?" Chunin hints his partner to return to the village to report to the Hokage. His friend nodded and disappeared from their sight.

"Hokage-sama is usually busy now, but I will try to deliver it, Hokage-sama keeps the memories of the Uzumaki clan and feels very guilty about the fall of the Uzumaki clan" Chunin explained.

Kuroge, Shiro and Ito become depressed, seeing this the Chunin immediately apologizes for saying improperly.

"I'm sorry ... I shouldn't say like that" Chunnin apologized to the Uzumaki family

"It's okay everything has passed" they waited for ten minutes until Chunin returned with 2 masked ninjas (Anbu).

"Hokage-sama asks you to go to tower Hokage, we will take you there"

"Thank you" Kuroge Shiro and Ito thank Chunnin and following the Anbu.

Hokage P.O.V.

As usual this morning I met my arch enemy paperwork. That pillar Light and damned weather just add to my work, but today I was surprised by the info that the Uzumaki family arrived at the village gate.

The Hokage flicked his fingers out of two masked ninjas, "Cats dogs quickly bring them here"

"Yes Hokage-sama" Dog & Cat.

'Kushina turns out that your family still has survivors, Naruto is not alone he will find his family again, you and Minato rest in piece in there' Hokage looked up at the sky while blowing his smoking pipe.


Back to Uzumakis, they walk on the road....

"Where are we?" Riz get up and rubbed his eyes.

"Good morning dear" Shiro kiss Riz forehead.

"Good morning sleephead" Kuroge while stroking Riz's head, they sigh in relief Riz wake up "We are now in Konoha"

"Wow, we arrived at the strongest village Shinobi a Konohagakure" Riz shouted excitedly.

Citizen of Konoha, who saw a small child excited held back in laughter.

Riz looked left and right with enthusiasm, and he was aware of something or rather a forgotten wolf.

"Hey Dad, where is Hui Tai Lang?"

"Last night he seemed to be there with us in camp, but when I woke up in the morning there was no one in place" his Dad answering. 'That stupid dog' Riz murmurred

"I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but who is this Hui Tai Lang?, are there still Uzumaki people who survived besides you" one of the anbu (Dog) asked.

" " "Hahahahahahaha" " " Three adult burst out laughing, Anbu is full of question in his/her head.

"Oh sorry, this Hui Tai Lang is a Riz pet" Shiro explained. They heard shouts and ninjas running after something in their direction.

"Chase that dog!!"

"Don't let him enter the village" two Chunnin gatekeepers chase a large black dog with two head.

Two headed black dog ran towards Uzumakis, the anbu guarded with his sword. Riz came down from Ito's back and headed for the dog.

"Please don't hurt him, he is our friend" Riz headed for Hui Tai Lang and patted his heads.

Bamm.... Riz hit the head of Hui Tai Lang, "Where are you going stupid dog? Did you go tease a wild dog again?, or you go looking for food without asking me" Riz was angry.

Anbu and ninja are chasing shock with Riz and the black dog, Riz ferocity and Black Dog obedience, even though he was beaten he remained silent.

The Chunin who chases the blackdog who knows the real power is shocked to see it, even though they are some level special Jounin with them but they still can't catch it, moreover their Chunnin level is not able to catch up with his speed.

"Is it a ninja dog?" Some of them talk in back.

Cat asks Ito "Ito-san, is it a ninja dog?"

Ito answered, "I don't think so, when our village was attacked by ninja, we found Hui Tai Lang beside Riz protecting him since then he has never been far from Riz. And he is actually not a dog but a wolf"

They arrived at Tower Hokage, Anbu told the secretary that they were here to meet Hokage. Riz asked to take a walk, Kuroge and the other was worried and told him to go with Hui Tai Lang.


"Come in" The voice of the old man came from behind the door. Kuroge saw an old man sucking his pipe, he felt some people hiding in the room.

"Welcome Uzumaki family in Konoha village, I am Sarutobi Hiruzen as Sandaime Hokage at this time welcomed you all Uzumaki family." current Hokage smile welcomes Uzumaki family.

"Thank you Hokage-sama" Kuroge and his family bowing his head. Kuroge reported his circumstances asking for protection as a citizen of Konoha, but he did not mention Riz secret. Hiruzen nodded his head seems to understand the situation of those family who sought refuge here and there.

"You can become a citizen of Konoha, you will get an apartment in the western district, you will be free of duty for 3 months" Hiruzen the Hokage said.

"Thank you Hokage-sama, because we can stay here"
Uzumaki bowing their head.

"You all get out" he told the Anbu in hiding disappeared from the room and he seal the room with a silent seal.

"For a moment, Kuroge Shiro Ito I have a request for you"
Hokage look serious.

"Yes Hokage-sama"

"Here we have an orphan from the Uzumaki clan, you must have heard our village was attacked by a rampaging Kyubi. And it takes a lot of casualties including its parents"

Kuroge's eyes widened, "Are you sure Hokage-sama"


"So I thought whether you Uzumaki family would adopt him so he could enjoy with his family"

"Of course, even if we don't know we will look for it" Kuroge sobbed sadly, he could finally meet one of his family.

Hiruzen looked down and discussed further about the child, he even told they secret the kid as the Kyubi Jinchuriki, Uzumaki was angry when they heard that innocent babies were victims of the sealing of Tailed Beast.

He told all to the Uzumaki family, Kuroge family was furious with civil attitudes that considered small children like monsters.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》