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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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9 9. Orochimaru

^^My Lord, everything has been cleared^^ Lich bow down in his knee.

{[You come back]}

^^Yes^^ appears black hole and sucked the Lich's.

Kukukuku ... "You're very interesting" a cynical voice came from behind the grass.

"Who?" Kuroge shivered someone can get away from his sensor. Riz looked towards the sound.

He looked at Riz, only seeing his gaze turned sharp and cold.

Come out someone from the bush. People with strange clothes have long hair, he has sharp snake-like eyes. Kuroge felt he was not a good person from his aura.

"You are very interesting boy" he saw a former battle field, where only blood spilled everywhere without the corpse of a ninja.

{[Who are you?]}

"Introduce this one name is Orochimaru, leader of the hidden sound village" Orochimaru introduced himself with his disgusting voice.

{[I will take his attention away with your family, I can't control my strength after using this technique]} Riz sent a voice telepathically.

'What about Riz, senior?' Kuroge was shocked by the sound heard in his ear, but he managed to composed himself.

{[He will faint and awake after a week, but he won't be able to use his chakra for a year, so you just calm down]}

'Thank you senior' Kuroge is saddened by the fact that Riz cannot use his chakra for a year.

"Wife, we prepared to go, senior will take his attention and attack him with all his moves"

"Yes Husband"

"Ito you also prepare if anything happening"

"Yes Kuroge-san"

"Kukukuku, boy are you ready for become the subject of my research, If I'm right you must know the light pillar. Your body is full of mysteries and I will discover everything by dissecting you" He asked cruelly.

{[One Slash-Shattering Earth]} Riz swing his sword to the ground. Divide the land into two parts and destroy all his way.

"Summoning Technique-Rashomon" Orochimaru felt danger appeared the Gate with a demon face on the door, Riz attack was unstoppable and the gate was destroyed.

"Earth style - Wall of the Earth" formed wall a protector from earth, but was successfully destroyed by invisible slash attack. Causing thick smoke enveloped Orochimaru.

Sshhaaa ... a snake quickly moves towards Riz trying to bite it. But successfully catched by Hui Tai Lang, his body was torn apart and eaten by Hui Tai Lang.

Swing ... the sword extends towards Riz very quickly, but blocked by invisible barrier.

[[Grimoire]} The protective barrier appears protecting Riz's body.

"You are very scary boy, your barrier can withstand my Kusanagi sword attack" Riz saw the long sword came from Orochimaru's mouth.

"Multiple snake techniques" came out from a bunch of snakes which very much tried to tie and bite Riz and Hui Tai Lang.

{[One Slash-Cutting Wind]} Riz holding his sword rests on his right shoulder and swings towards Orochimaru making a vortex with his sword incision, the snake hit by the whirlwind is cut to pieces and does not stop there and continues towards Orochimaru.

"Summon Tech-Triple Rashomon" Orochimaru felt threatened by this attack, he took out the same three gates as the first technique.

"Kukuku attacks like this won't kill me, I'm immortal I won't die"

{[You're too arrogant snake]} Riz holds his sword straight up. He swung it fast and strong.

{[One Slash-Destroying Mountain and River]} The slash energy moves straight and fast towards Orochimaru.

Orochimaru did not have time to avoid and managed to cut his right hand from his shoulder.

"Boy, I really underestimate you, you are very strong" Orochimaru vomited himself from his mouth and looked like new with his right hand still connected.

Orochimaru made a seal "Summoning technique" comes out a big snake from smoke.

"You call me, Orochimaru"

"Manda, our opponent is that child but don't kill the child just injured him" Orochimaru rested while collecting chakras above Manda's head.

"Shhhhhsss ..., Orochimaru you have to pay me of one hundred humans to eat, and him..... he looks delicious so can I cut off his hands and feets, he won't need it right" Summon and summoners talk to each other regardless of Riz.

{[Grimoire-Reaper Mantis]} came out Black Mantis from a thick book.

Black Mantis shows Scythe that is long and sharp, even though its size is smaller than Manda's aura he produce is not inferior to Manda.

{[You're taking care of the snake]} Black Mantis nodded his head.

Manda has dragon blood, he is from the Ryuuga clan so that has dragon blood in his vein even though his bloodline is thin.

Reaper Mantis let out an aura of death, he was very excited when he saw Manda. He could feel Manda being a descendant of Dragon, when Manda saw the Reaper Mantis he shuddered in horror as if seeing his natural predator.

'What I feel is, he produces an aura that makes my bloodline crawl'

Manda thought and send out large his aura too, but it was a fatal mistake. Reaper Mantis gets more excited and attacked him with a .

"Snake Technique - Poison Gas"

Manda spouted poison smoke towards the Reaper Mantis.

{[Are you an idiot, no poison as strong as the aura of death]}

Attack the Reaper Mantis with poison like bathing it with water.

"Damn I have to put out my last move" Orochimaru did the seal quickly.

"Yamata no Jutsu" came out of his body with an eight-headed white snake, or rather he turned into the legend of Yamata no Orochi.

"I will show the true power of Yamata no Orochi, legend said when a snake is 1000 years old it will change into a dragon"

He spouted poisonous gas and spread a large number of white snakes.


{[Don't make me laugh!]}

{[I will show you the True Dragon]}

Riz's aura increased, his Grimoire let out Azure colored light.

{[Deducting Immortal Point 100,000]}

{[Unlocking beast ... complete]}

{[Send out Azure Dragon...]}

Roooaaaarrrrrrr....., Azure-colored dragons are bigger than Yamata no Orochi, the size of Yamata is only as big as Azure Dragon's head.

Just with his massive body, he is able to dominate the entire shinobi world.

^Greeting My Lord^ he bowed his head to Riz.

Manda bow his head when Azure Dragon appear, his blood boiled when he appeared. Like the blood of the dragon in his vein screaming to meet seeing his anchestor, even when he met snake sannin he felt nothing. He was silent even though Reaper Mantis tore his flesh.

Orochimaru saw that his summon was helpless by the Reaper Mantis.

{[Azure Dragon shows him the true power of True Dragon]}

^Yes my Lord^ Azure Dragon looking small white eight headed snake.


Booom...., The area where Orochimaru was destroyed left a large explosion mark.

{[He s gone]} he sees the explosion.

"My Lord, he uses a technique space to escape. Do you want me to eliminate him forever ^ Azure Dragon asks.

{[My time is finished]} he looked at Hui Tai Lang, the latter nodded.

{[You can come back]}

^ My Lord, hurry and quickly become strong. We Divine Beast awaits your command to dominate this Universe ^ Azure Dragon disappears into light and enters Grimoire.

Riz fell unconscious and was brought by Hui Tai Lang on his back to his family.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》