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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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6 6. Persui

When dawn arrived there appeared to be some shadow towards the fire country, this group was Uzumaki Riz and his family who had escaped from the shinobi siege of the village.

When at night the village is surrounded by the nearest village shinobi, they ask the public about the pillars of light that appear near their village, but what they get from them is only empty as a result of mass murdered people, all because people are unconsciously killed when they are sleep.

Some ninjas settled and entered the Uzumaki family's house, the adults prevent them from entering the house but some of they quietly entered Riz's room.

{[System Detection Enemy!!!]}

{[Running automatic..... processes....]}

{[Elimination of enemies....]}

{[Send out Iron Back Wolf beast, Soul Devouring Beast, Corpse Devouring Beast]}

From Riz's body came out the light and a wolf appeared with a hard and strong back like iron he send out fire from his breathing, a vague white monster that moved like a cloth exposed to air, black monsters like sticky liquid dripping from his body.

The Shinobi who entered the room was shocked and before shouting to tell his other friend his neck was torn to pieces by the wolf, before he died he saw a white monster approaching him and like pulling his soul out from his body.

Black monsters did not stay silent it come close to the corpse of the shinobi. The creature ate the corpse of the ill-fated shinobi, its body charred when his body touched by the liquid from the black creature.

The process was short, there had not been a minute the corpse had been vanished. The black and white creature disappears becaming in light entering Riz's body. While the wolf licks its front legs close to Riz and lying beside him.

"Shiro-san don't you smell blood from direction Riz room" Ito pulled Shiro's sleeve.

"Yes, I also smell blood. Husband, I'm afraid something will happen to Riz."

"Yes my wife me too, we finish they quickly and then we see Riz" Kuroge stabs the last ninja with his kunai.

Kuroge, Shiro and Ito ran to open Riz's room, they were surprised by what they met in his room.

A wolf is lying near Riz who is asleep, the wolf just glances at them and yawn to show his fangs and his red tongue. They were tensed fearing the wolf pounced on Riz because his condition was quite close to Riz. They sigh with relief when they entered checking the condition of Riz they took a deep breath of relief, Riz was not hurt by anything.

"The condition of the village is intolerable, we must leave now," Kuroge said.

"Wife and Ito, you prepare whatever we need, we immediately go to Konoha"

" "Yes" " Shiro and Ito.

"He didn't wake up, as he said when he wanted to sleep it seems we have to wait for him to wake up by himself"

"Hey Wolf, I don't know you understand or not with my words. But I thank you for looking after my son"

Black dogs glance at him and yawn.

When the preparation was over Shiro and Ito headed for Riz's room to gather with Riz and Kuroge. They were ready to leave the village, when they walked they found them followed by Black dogs.

"Kuroge-san, that wolf following us"

"Yes I know, he did not follow us but followed Riz more precisely"

After the Uzumaki family left, several Shinobi approached the Uzumaki residence.

A Ninja sees the condition of a corpse.

"They all died Orochimaru-sama"

"There seems to be a ninja coming here, what do you think of Orochimaru-sama?" Ninja with glasses asked the leader.

"Chase them and find out what happened, they first came probably they knew something about the pillar" their leader with a strange appearance told them to do a seal and spit out a snake from his mouth.

"Kabuto, follow the snake"

"" Yes "" the ninjas simultaneously spoke

They headed towards the fire country, from their village to the fire country it took 10 days to get to Konoha village.

Black Wolf continued to follow them, when afternoon Riz woke up from his sleep and he regained consciousness on his father's back.

"Where are we dad?"

"Oh, you wake up Riz"

"Do you want to eat Riz-chan?"

His tummy sounding "Yes I want to eat!"

They stopped to eat, Kuroge did not see Black Wolf when they rested he thought he left by himself. Then as a black shadow leads towards them, the adults prepare if something dangerous comes. they sigh in relief because they saw black dog.

They saw black wolf carrying his prey in the form of a Bull chakra beast in his mouth, he brought buffalo almost twice in his size.

Divine eye Riz is active by itself, when he sees Hui Tai Lang exposed to information.

Name : Hui Tai Lang

Type : Iron Back Wolf

Element : Metal, Fire, Dark

Description : Lone wolf who decides himself from his flock, because he is different from his kind.

Owner : Uzumaki Riz

"Hui Tai Lang!"

Woof... woof... woof... , he's happy when the owner is awake and calls him. seen from his tail swinging left right as he approached Riz.

Riz touched his head and stroked it, Hui Tai Lang was happy and licked Riz's face.

"Hahahahaha, stop ... stop ... stop ..." But Hui Tai Lang continued to lick him until his face was wet with saliva.

Baamm ... "I said stop, you stupid dog." Riz hit the poor dog's head.

His family laughed at Riz's behavior, before they were afraid that something would happen to Riz but saw them interaction they were sigh in relief.

Hui Tai lang seemed to feel guilty and silently scolded by Riz.

"We rest for thirty minutes"

" " Okey " " Shiro and Ito.

They rest while eating.

Riz lie beside Hui tai lang while holding the scroll given by Kuroge. Riz was a genius child, he was able to read at the age of 3 years and understood a series of difficult seals. Kuroge and Shiro gave him a secret move from their respective clans and told him to study it.

Suddenly Hui Tai Lang looked up...


Woof... Woof...

Uzumakis looked at Hui Tai Lang barked.

They saw snake among the trees looking at them.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》