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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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4 4. Information

The white light illuminates the entire forest that makes all the ninja villages interested in finding out.

All scout ninjas tell what happened to his/her village leader(Kage).

Konoha Sarutobi P.O.V

Anbu quickly gave a report of what happened to the Hokage.

"You say at the fire country border?" sitting while reading anbu's report, Sarutobi sucked his pipe.

"Shikaku, what do you think happened?"

"Maybe something big happened there, Hokage-sama" a man with pineapple hair and full of wounds on his face give answer "Give me your opinion, do I have to send someone?"

"Something that happened that can cause bloodshed, with light reaching hundreds of meters I'm sure almost Shinobi villages know received message from scout, they will try to find and get whatever it is. This could lead to the shinobi war again." a wrinkle appears on his old face of Hokage

"I'm old enough for all this kind of thing, I think we have to get ready with everything when will happening, please inform everything to me"

"Yes" Shikaku out room to preparing everything.

Kumo Raikage P.O.V.

"Quickly find out information about the light pillar, don't come back without that info" everyone rushed out from room to go find information.

"We have to get anything even though we have to sacrifice everything" A burly man tells someone next to him "Bee after we get info we are ready to go"

"Yo, you're ready, I'm ready to go, Bro." Bee reap in a noisy voice.

"Are you sure about that Raikage" Darui asked.

"Yes, we have to get it before the Blockhead Dwarf gets it" "Huuh ... Ok I will find a team for you" Darui can only take a deep breath, 'If it's the Tsuchikage Blockhead, then what are you?' But he just grumbled to himself.

Iwa Oohnoki P.O.V.

An anbu comes out and gives a roll of information.

"Yes, we have to get everything ready for Kitsuchi" the old man gave orders to the big man.

"Yes Tsuchikage-sama"

"Gramp, are you sure about this?" Kurotsuchi asked.

"Yes I am sure we must get it first than Idiot Raikage, with this we can win in next war"

In Kirigakure ...

"Zetsu, have you found anything about the light?" The man with the mask on his face asked someone.

"No i don't, I got information from my clone that in the forest it is not clear what made the pillar of light, we only know there was a power that was large enough to disturb my signal" came out a human with black and spike in all his body from the ground.

"Interesting, try to find more information Zetsu"


"Mizukage you have to tell your people to try to snatch whatever caused the pillar of light." The masked man told someone.

"..." The man just nodded and left.

Back to MC...

All village leaders are looking for information about the pillar of light or rather someone, but in the forest someone or likely a boy is actually playing with his new toy.

"Wow, look at this sword, it's so beautiful I love it to much" Riz played swinging Yoru the black sword. According to the system Yoru's length was almost one and a half of Riz's height, and will continue to grow along with Riz.

[Errr .... Host] {Systems wants to talk to you}

"Yes what is it" Riz did not care and continued to swing his sword.

[The system recommends that hosts quickly leave this place]

"Why??, don't you know I'm playing?"

{When host contracted Grimoire, causes a light pillar hundreds of meters high}

[This attracted the attention of almost all the village leaders and system detecting several people began to infiltrate this forest]

{Therefore, system suggest you to leaving immediately, because maybe you don't want to be caught by them and put into research}

"WHAT" he shuddered at the thought of being the object of experimentation, he ran as if there was no other day.

After arriving in the village, fortunately the house is in a remote place on the edge of the village and close to the forest which is rarely visited by people. when he entered he was shocked by his mother crying in the lap of Aunt Ito and his father who were not at house.

When his mother found out Riz came home, he then hugged him as if afraid to lose him.

Ito-san talks to Shiro that she will look for his father.

Shiro nodded in agreement.

When his mother stopped crying then Riz in scold was all out. Riz only found out that he was outside for almost half a day, it's worthy for his parents to worry.

Riz said that he played into the forest until he forgot the time and he got lost in the forest. When he got lost and was guided by a white light that led him to the village road.

His mother asked what was the pillar of light that guided him? Riz said "Yes".

His mother paused for a moment and spoke again that he must be careful not to talk about the pillar of light in front of anyone.

Riz just nodded, 'Without being told, I will not say to people, because of pillar of light is myself'

An hour later, Ito-san came home with his father. He saw his father look tired, he knew his father was looking for him, Daddy ran to hug him Riz also ran, but before he got a hug he was hit right in the head.

"That hurts"

"That's because you made your mother cry" then his father pinched his cheeks with his big hands until they stretched out. "And this, it because made your father run like idiot looking for you all the village"

"It hurts Father" Riz also did not want to lose participating in pinching his father's cheek.

"Hahahahahah" his mother and Ito-san laughed at their behavior.

His mother and Ito-san prepared evening meals, father and son had a private conversation. Riz told everything the same as he told his mother.

"Hey son, you know right we are the Uzumaki clan?" Riz nodded and his father continue.

"We are known to have great chakra and experts in Fuinjutsu. The seals on your body and your father are seals to cover our chakra so that they are not detected by other, and we are known for some sensors including your father, this type of sensor we can know someone's feelings and i will know if someone is lying" his father looked seriously.

"So son answered honestly what do you know about the pillar of light?"

Riz looks hesitant to answer, "Okay if you think quite hard you don't need to answer it" His father smiled seeing him, Riz felt warm in his heart.

"Dinner is ready" her mother's voice called out.

His father got up and tried to help prepare food but stopped when his clothes were held by small hands.

"I'll tell you all everything when having dinner"
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》