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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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1 1. Beginning

In dark room

You cant see anything, you cant feel anything and you can reach everything, but in this room if you can see,you will see a soul crying from time to time.

"Why ... why always me? I always own myself, my parents don't love me and leave me in an orphanage, I marry and my wife also leaves me for a rich guy and even I die god abandoned me in this place. I don't know how many days , months, years, centuries, millions for me to wait, please Dear God I don't want to be alone and wait again ".

After second maybe this time god hear this poor soul cry.

"Forgive me child, I apologize for forgetting you in this room, I God of Immortal and Creation will give you compensation for your loss, so what do you want for now?, will you be reincarnated or go to heaven?" dominating voice speaks.

"If i choose reincarnate, can I find a new family in the new world, Dear God"

"..., Yes you can" After second pause god answer. "Thanks God can i have a family" soul answered.

"Any other request, my Child?"

"I just want my family to love me, have a wife who loves me, and a friend who is loyal to me. I don't want to be betrayed by my closest person anymore"

"So you just want a family and friends who love you" god asking as he did not believe 'I just found an incarnated person without strange requests', "Are you sure for your request?'"

"Yes Dear god"

"I'm pretty concerned about seeing your memory, you have a little luck in the past, in your world has a very high fantasy, I will enwrite you into the world of anime as you see and read when you are little in exchange for your less happy childhood"

"No Problem God, god one request of mine can you erase my memories from my past world, because i don't want to be attached to my past life "

"Yes, Enjoy your new world child, you will find some surprises from me there" White rays illuminate the soul and he vanishing from dark room

"He is quite interesting ..." (????)

"Not good at eavesdropping on other people conversation" (Immortal God)

"Hmp.., you dont want your conversation to be heard by another, but you send that person to my world" (????)

"Yes he is quite interesting, he is polite, he not greed like other and not want anything even though I offer him a wish for anything but we see what he wants is only a family, so what do you think about that Anime God?". (Immortal God)

" I will send him to Anime World like you said before, so next after he became strong are you going to send that person to your world, Immortal God" (Anime God)

"Yes if he became a level demi-god, i will send him to immortal world,so those who are foolish too confident with their strength will realize there is still a sky above sky" (Immortal God)

"May he quickly realize that all worlds without power cannot protect the people he loves" (Anime World)

"He will find something big besides the family there" (Immortal God)

"Yes he will realize he need strength to protect his family" (Anime God)

"I will send a system that will be active when he is aware of the importance of strength" (Immortal God)

"Yes, I will also send it, after all he is in my universe and I am an Anime God, and as Iam god I have give my blessings to him".

(Anime God)


Oaaa ... oaaa ... oa ..., the cry of the baby's voice. "Congratulations Shiro-san, your baby is a boy, he is very cute, he will be a lot of admirers later."

"Thanks ... Ito" on the bed lay a exhausted beautiful white-haired woman.

Dududududud ... clank ..., the door opened, a man with red hair he took a deep breath and asked "Where is my little baby, try showing me"

"Patiently Kuroge-san, I will bathe your baby first, try to see your wife's condition"

"Sorry Ito I got excited, I'll see my wife first." Kuroge saw his wife in the bed.

"Thanks my wife, you have given me a baby boy to continue passing on our descendants" Kuroge gently saw his wife.

"Yes my Husband, he is the successor to the generation of our 2 clans who have been slaughtered" to make her condition better, Kuroge channeled Chakra to his wife's body.

"Look here Kuroge-san Shiro-san, he has the hair color both of you two" Ito-san showed their baby after being bathed. Baby hair has two different colors, mostly red and white only on the forehead.

"Wife, what name will you give?"

"I'll give it the name Riz, Uzumaki Riz"

"Boy you hear what your mother say, your name is Riz" Kurome lifted his child from Ito-san's hand and laid him near his mother.

Meanwhile ....

'Where am i?' baby boy looked around he first saw a handsome man with red hair and a beautiful woman in bed with white hair.

"Who are you? Where am I? Stop you hurting me" Riz shouted continuously but only sound of a baby cried from his mouth.

Riz's birth was happiness obtained by the family, In the first year Riz was very funny in the first month he was able to recognize the people around him, the fourth month he had started talking to his parent (although it was not smooth), more precisely in the 8th month he managed to walk and the 10th month he could speak fluently to make the whole village secretly with his behavior.

At the age of 2 years he studied history with Ito-san, he learned that in this world it consisted of several countries assisted by ninja villages, the Land of fire famous with konohagakure, Land of Winds with Sunagakure, Land of Lightning with Kumogakure, Land of Water with Kirigakure and Land of Earth with Iwagakure.

Ito-san also told about the history of shinobi world war, how many victims died, civillan who left their villages, refugees and orphaned children everywhere. Victim due to war in everywhere.

With the fourth year he studied he was on the border in three countries, between the state fire country and the stone state, he learned that his parents were the last lineage of his clan.

Now in his village there is a tense situation because he heard that there will be a war between Shinobi villages 5 Konohagakure Sunagakure Iwagakure Kirigakure Kumogakure.

When he was 4 years old he played with himself, children in his age got away from him because of his red and white hair. Every day he plays alone near the river, and this morning he decides to play in the forest.

This forest is famous for monsters or known as the beast chakra.
When he plays he forgets time and gets lost into the forest.

A wolf saw him and intended to pounce on him from behind.


Riz was shocked and ran to avoid it, but whatever human power to run how could a victorious man be more precisely boy run with a wild animal that has two legs more than it boy does 2 legs while the wolf has 4 legs, the wolf is like playing with his prey. Seeing Riz who is full of fear and helplessness in front of him makes him trully happy.
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    《When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host》