Vengeance Upon Fate
7 ✲ Fateful Encounter ll ✲
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Vengeance Upon Fate
Author :Hayato_Shinohara
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7 ✲ Fateful Encounter ll ✲

Kurogane approached the western part of the city's surrounding forest in hopes of finding a boar or two to slaughter. As he kept walking, he noticed that the jungle was empty, and that no animals were to be found. Even the air was still, absent of the usual calls of its wild inhabitants.

"Something is not right. This part usually has creatures crawling all over."

Kurogane continued to walk until he reached a small river where he saw an odd-looking individual who appeared to be bending on its knees and rinsing off in the river.

He immediately took cover behind a bush, not sure if revealing himself was the right thing to do, as the person gave off a slightly sinister aura, followed by the stillness of the air around him which gave off a red flag.

The individual wore a black, full-body robe with a hood which the individual had slipped on. Due to the direction he was facing, Kurogane couldn't make out much of his unmasked face, much less anything to recognize him by.

"Whoever this is, they are probably in disguise. Could this person be the one who hunted all of the nearby creatures?"

His curiosity became aroused the more he thought about it.

It was then that he noticed the blood which resided on the individual's hand and sleeve, followed by their razor sharp, deadly rapier... all being rinsed into the pond – but that wasn't what sent a shiver into the pits of Kurogane's soul.

It was an emblem – the same exact symbol he saw on the back of the killer's robe the day he witnessed his mother's brutal end. Nearly a decade had passed since the occurrence, leaving this sight bewilderingly horrific, causing Kurogane to tremble uncontrollably.

"I-Impossible… this can't be it. No… This isn't the killer. But he definitely has a connection to him somehow. I'm certain of it. Now is my only chance to find out his whereabouts... I won't let him get away!"

Kurogane pulled himself together and rose out of anger, uncontrollably growling as he revealed himself from the bushes and moved forward.
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The man paused his movements upon noticing but took no action.

"Who are you people?!" shouted Kurogane, acting hastily due to his frustration.

The individual got up and without fully turning his head, smirked, vanishing away as plumes of black smoke flooded the air.

Kurogane dashed backwards and immediately scanned the area to see if he could find the direction the person was going. Nowhere to be found.

"Did I lose him?"


"BASTARD, SHOW YOURSELF!" shouted Kurogane at the top of his lungs.

Not even a trace remained as he stood there, looking at his hands, which were shaking out of helplessness.

But he knew that things were different now. His days of passing his life meaninglessly were over.

For the first time in many years, Kurogane finally felt like he had a purpose to live – a purpose he could work towards. He could feel the thirst for vengeance sprinting through his veins unlike ever before. Nothing was going to stop him now.

"No... not this time."

Kurogane clenched both fists, looked upwards and growled in absolute rage.

"I'm going to find you along with that monster... I'll make you suffer and pay with every ounce of your existence, if it's the last thing I'll EVER end up doing!"

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