Vengeance Upon Fate
3 ✲ Dubious Confrontations ll ✲
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Vengeance Upon Fate
Author :Hayato_Shinohara
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3 ✲ Dubious Confrontations ll ✲

A random adventurer, who appeared to be somewhat larger than an average male, rose from his seat and walked over to Kurogane, pretending to mind his own business.

"He's actually going along our dare.. props to that tough guy for giving that loser what he deserves!" whispered another person to his friend at the adventurer's table.

The large adventurer forcefully tried to shoulder Kurogane as he walked by. His attempt did not go as anticipated, since Kurogane didn't budge in the slightest – as if he were firmly nailed into the ground.

"Who do you think you're bumping into, freakster?" he said out of angered disappointment.

"Do you need something? You're in the way," replied Kurogane boldly.

"Ohoho, I'll gladly worsen that face of yours if that's what you long for."

Although the adventurer had tried to bump Kurogane, and successfully done so while he was off his guard, little did he know that Kurogane was simply much stronger, which was the sole reason why he hadn't taken much effect from it.

"I believe this commotion cannot continue within guild doors. I don't care who it is, just knock it off or leave the building," said Irina, raising her voice firmly.

The guild ladies in particular held a greater amount of authority than the two men. Not only were they kinder and far more welcoming, but when they were angered or upset, it gave the surrounding adventurers a strong message, since they hardly ever deviated from their lovable aura.

Although one of the guild ladies had stopped the commotion, surrounding adventurers still pelted Kurogane with insults and laughter, since they had no intentions of leaving him as is.

"Well, they do say animal abuse is a bad thing, so I guess we should lay off of him for now," snarked a red-haired, male adventurer.

Laughter and gossip polluted Kurogane's surroundings, though he paid little to no attention to it and kept moving along, convincing himself internally that it was a typical norm he simply had to deal with.

While the guild ladies did express formidable leadership skills, they also possessed outstanding looks, such as their glossy, dark brown hair that wrapped around their necks and rested above their shoulder combined with their fine, curvaceous figures.

Their long sleeved, vest topped uniforms synergized perfectly with their red trimmed glasses. Collectively, these superlative looks gave everyone a greater reason to idolize them with superiority in as many ways as they could.

As Kurogane approached Irina, the same guild lady who had called out earlier, she nervously asked him, barely smiling with her eyes closed.

"I-Is this all y-you need today..?"

"Yes, that will be it," replied Kurogane in a flat tone.

"Okay… j-just sign here."

Kurogane could almost smell the anxiety the lady was bearing as she nervously watched him sign the request. Even the one person who he briefly thought would treat him normally could not help but feel otherwise. Though, this did serve as a fair reminder to Kurogane of where he stood in the public eye.

Her sister, Illia, appeared to be busy approving another adventurer's request, so she took no notice of what was going on, though the other two men pretended to shuffle through their files while peripherally staring at Irina as she struggled with Kurogane.

After receiving the parchment from Kurogane, she placed an approval stamp on the request and slid it into her folder of records.

"You're all set... Have a good day!"

"Thank you, Miss."

Irina sighed in relief upon seeing Kurogane leave the counter.
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"My word Irina, you look like you just saw a ghost," murmured Seth.

"Shut it, you probably would have messed up your pants in the process!"

Hearing such remarks made Irina furious, since she felt that the two men should have been more grateful for what she did for them, as they themselves would rather not deal with Kurogane.

"Is something wrong? You don't look so well," asked Illia, who had just finished with a customer.

"See, it's written all over you!" snarked Dante, who was still going through his files several feet away.

Irina blushed and took a deep, miserable breath.

"You guys are the worst…"

As Kurogane began leaving the guild, it didn't by any means give a reason for the surrounding adventurers to stop their whisperings of negative remarks.

"Look at that, him trying to fool us with that polite talk. Don't fall for it," said one blonde female adventurer.

"Gives me chills just thinking about what would happen if I let my guard down around him...Even the guild lady struggled to keep herself together," said another brown-haired male adventurer.

The whispers carried on and intensified, slowly beginning to consume Kurogane – uncertain if he would be able to contain his emotions any longer. It now reached a point where people would take any chance they had and fling it against him.

He looked downwards, fists tightened and his expression darkened as he left the guild doors. If he had stayed any longer, he likely would have done something beyond his control.

Brushing off what happened, he took a slight pause, slipped his hood on and prepared to set forth for his quest.

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