Vengeance Upon Fate
1 ✲ Prologue ✲
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Vengeance Upon Fate
Author :Hayato_Shinohara
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1 ✲ Prologue ✲


"We're close. I can almost feel its presence…"

Kurogane roamed through the nearby, seemingly encroaching trees and bushes, desperately searching for an opening to the main path of the forest as a few others tagged along behind him.

"I can hardly wait to meet Reo. Up till now, it's been a long journey, and I'm sure he will be proud once he sees what I have attained."

After pushing one last branch out of sight, the luminous lighting of the main path greeted them. It had to be bright enough to urge one to shield their eyes.

〔For once in a blue moon, I woke up that morning with indescribable excitement. Never did I imagine I'd feel such a way after all that went down. I had no doubt that it was going to be a memorable day that I'd look back and smile at.〕

Moments later, Kurogane stood before his destination; still as a body that once had a soul – disturbed and terror-stricken to his bones.

"…What on earth..happened here..?"

〔But it's as people say, some things are just too good to be true – a mere fairy tale that resides far away in someone's dream.〕

〔I no longer knew how to react, let alone on what to do.〕

〔I had realized once more..〕

〔Or perhaps, I had forgotten…〕

〔The true bitter toll of what I brought myself into.〕
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