The world of cards
3 Greeting
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The world of cards
Author :ninpo
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3 Greeting


- by the way i am kamatsuto the leader of the best team in the Nakashamura... the fire.

Namaki looked around and saw that everyone around him was drunk ugly and smelly. He got annoyed and little bit scared because he was fiest time in such a place. Then he asked - so what do you say where you get that from ?

- well i was in the helnoland and defeated level 50 boss .

- how many levels are there ?

- 200

- whaaaaaaaaat? - screamed out loud katamura

-try to be a little quiet - sad the woman with the log

Then maybe if I defeat the last monster then maybe i can ... - mumbled namaki

Everything started shaking.people started screaming nooooo...

It's them earthdealers!?,.!'

Everybody in the team fire was asleep and there leader was very drunk so he hardly stood up and the felt down

Well, its time unleash my power - sad namaki

He went outside the pub like a brave strong warrior with a standard sword in his right hand but everything changed when he saw them the earthdealers. They were huge and to be honest really beautiful. Thats the reason namaki was so fascinated.

Appearance really can lie!

The monsters looked at him their eyes turned from green to red.they there blue spares at him. Second was left until the spears arrived to their destination.when namaki felt something.this something was strange,it was something strong, something horrifying.

At this moment came the group of wizards.there were three of them. With one blow they destroyed all of them.

To be continued...

(Ignore grammar)

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    《The world of cards》