The world of cards
2 Kamatsuto
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The world of cards
Author :ninpo
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2 Kamatsuto

@@What are we doing here? - Asked katamura.

At the same time you could see a grin on namakis face. He looked at katamura and made an evil lough.

- this is the place every person wants to be in, this is parallel world.

Meanwhile some travelers went in front of them.Suddenly they stopped when they saw them ,they were amazed.

- what are you doing here you seem to be a low level players.

w...we - katamura mumbled

- we are lost - Namaki interrupted.

The group of travelers took of their cloth and Revealed their true identities.this was the group with four members.

One looked weak and had glases, second had some kind of wood in her hand,third one was the man with the huge sword and big shield, the fourth and the last if them was their leader, he wore black shoes, red shirt (which was irregular) and jeans and he... stop! Stop!



What are they doing here ? - asked namaki with amazed expression on his face.

Oh this, i am glad you noticed,ha - said their leader, with the proud impression on his face.


I see you are a interesting person

Whats about going to the pub, I will tell you everything there.

But, it isn't allowed to drin... - katamura sad

While at the same time

Namaki interrupted and sad - well if you insist then.

To be continued...

(Ignore grammar)

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