The world of cards
1 The beginning
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The world of cards
Author :ninpo
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1 The beginning

/this action took place in mc room/

Namaki was stressed and nervous, he was thinking about last night.the feeling of despair couldn't leave him.he wished it to be a dream but it wasn't. Suddenly some sound came in.



It was His friend katamura.

- hey, Namaki are you alright?

- leave katamura!

- it's not your fault.

Namaki opened the door in hurry and shouted

-ok. don't worry

Katamura was really amazed by hearing this but didn't pay too much attention attention.

-lets go outside.

It was 8 p.m.

Some strange men appeared,he was talking to himself he was saying:

- u all will die in vein and hatred.

Katamura joked at him but Namaki was serious. As they got closer. Man swung at their direction and asked:

-do you want to play a little game?

Namaki and katamura couldn't even say a word when they realized that they were in the parallel world . why did they understand this so fast. well anime played its role.

To be continued...
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