The True King
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The True King
Author :MonarchV1
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3 Unknown

After keno left the patriarch's home he noticed someone waiting for him, He jogged to them as he felt he knew them before he asked "Have we met before you seem familiar". She was shocked as she is his adopted sister she spoke " I am your sister father has asked me to bring you home what do you mean 'have we met before' we have lived in the castle since the day father found me 9 years ago?" then she looked to the Zhao Sect's patriarch she transmitted her voice into his mind asking " What is wrong with him? Why doesn't he remember who I am?". The Patriarch spoke back saying " He had an incident please do not tell your father what I am going to say please we had no hand in this as the elders have found nothing suspicious " 'he explained the situation that happened' "Please princess don't tell your father anything I beg of you from the Zhao Sect, I have also made the Shadow Brigade follow him and protect him from anything he can't handle". She nodded as she understood what he meant as she was about to speak keno said " I'm sorry sister I don't remember you I hope you can forgive me"


They arrived at the throne room where their father was sitting dealing with ministers of War, Politics, Food storage, Economy. Then he noticed his kids came back he was gleeful If you have never met the king before you'd never expect him to act like this but he was upon doing this their mother arrived in the room and he straightened up acting like a king is suppose to majority of the kingdom knew he feared his wife the king spoke " Keno, Sharna how was your trip to the Zhao, Silver Sects" Keno spoke saying "Father it was fine I expanded my swordsmanship knowledge but for some reason I can't feel my sword energy flowing through me like before now if feel's like a river" Sharna spoke " Good brother you have gained sword aspects now you can use your sword at the level of an elite member of the army hopefully you can become as powerful as Gen. Lee, I gained knowledge as well father" Sharna told her father of her experience in the Silver Sect which is renowned for their Saber Technique.

As they spoke with each other a messenger had arrived speaking " Apologies my king but this is an urgent matter the kingdoms of krekin, Argon have decided to revoke the treaty and now they both have join in alliance with each other" said the messenger.


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