The Secret of the Blood Moon
8 Blood-thirsty
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The Secret of the Blood Moon
Author :Otaku_anime
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8 Blood-thirsty

Ezlynn suddenly gained her consciousness with a light tap on her shoulder.

"Are you awake now?"

She felt quite nauseous; her head was throbbing, and she couldn't open her eyes. However, she could feel a bed below her and the waning moonlight peeking through the window. There was pressure on her body, something sticking her aching muscles down to the bed.

The person tapped her on the shoulder again, as her eyes slowly opened. Kieran was sitting on her bedside, in a room which was not her own. Ezlynn's eyes suddenly flashed what had happened during their "fight" as she tried to get up and carnage Kieran as much as she could with her claws. Yet, her dizziness blurred her vision as Ezlynn laid down back again. Every part of her body ached, and she felt paralyzed.

"Calm down, dear. It's useless if you try to get up." Kieran said. He was sitting on her bedside and casting his red, glowing eyes upon her.

"Y-you Vampire! What did you do!" she screamed, for she was purely frightened. Her body was compressed by a force that Kieran had created. Because she felt drugged and was taped down on his bed had reminded her of the mature films she had watched on the night of Valentine's day. Ezlynn tried to protect herself from him by preparing her claws, but they refused to form. Instead, she suddenly felt a thirst crawling up to her throat.

"Hah, hah...." she gasped, overwhelmed by dizziness. "Did you drug me?"


"Then what did you do?"

"You'll find out after I tell you the secret I've wanted to tell."

"You promised to tell the secret if you LOSE, but you won."

"I'm not a Werewolf, and therefore the fight was not official."

She glared at him as the thirst became stronger.


There came a pang in her throat. It wasn't pain; it was thirst. But not for food nor beverages. She turned to Kieran for help, and let out a faint scream at what she saw. Ezlynn could perceive every little veins and artery of his body as if his skin was transparent.

"Hah, hah, hah...."

It felt like the thirst was going scorch her to death. She groaned in pain as Kieran reached out his wrist over her face.

"What are you gonna do?" she moaned. The thirst was choking her now as she could see the veins and arteries in his wrist. Her partnership mark was still there.

Suddenly, she wanted to bite, seeing all the veins and arteries and blood gushing through them. But it was not an impulse; it was an instinct. Observing all the arteries and veins, she bit in on the major vein with her teeth, only to realize that they were not teeth anymore. Her fangs, about an inch, sank through his pale skin. What had she become?

Kieran let out a wince as Ezlynn tasted the blood that was dripping from his wrist.

"Enjoy all you want until your body tells you to stop," he winced in between.

Ezlynn strangely felt that her thirst was satisfied by every droplet of blood she sucked from Kieran's wrist. If it weren't for the satisfying quench of her desire, she would have demanded an explanation. However, the blood was aesthetically pleasing than any food or water she had ever consumed.

"Mhm..." she softly moaned, her thirst quenching expediently.

Sucking on the blood was quite tiring, and after her thirst was satisfied fully, she drew away from his wrist, panting.

"W-what, have you done to me?" her headache had disappeared.

"I simply woke you up,"

Ezlynn glared at Kieran.

"Be serious, or I will hurt you."

Kieran lifted one amused eyebrow. Ezlynn tried to connect how she was now blood-thirsty and how Kieran had bitten her.

"...Oh my god..." Ezlynn's eyes, filled with trepidation, began shaking. She groped her canine teeth to be stabbed by two fangs growing. "Am I...a Vampire too?"

Kieran stared at her troubled eyes and nodded.

"Please...whatever you did, please just turn me back." she implored. "I have a gang that trusts me."

His red eyes pierced on hers like they were testing the sincerity.

"I apologize that this is all sudden for you," he approached her and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "But speaking of trust, I will tell you the secret I promised to tell. Then you can judge if you want to turn back or not."

Ezlynn looked at him with confusion, wondering how a secret could be so immense that it would psychologically challenge her.

"Did you ever know your parents?"

"Why are you asking?" she sniffed, her voice shivering.

"Just to set some background before I tell you. I have no use for your personal information, so don't worry."

"You'll turn me back after, right?"

"I don't think you'll want to, but yes."

"Okay, fine. I never knew them. Collins's parents found me and gave me shelter along with other remaining Werewolves."

"What did they tell you about your parents?"

"They didn't know much either, but Vampires allegedly murdered my parents during the Great War." Ezlynn glared at Kieran with distate.

"Now, is that why you want to turn back?"

"Yes, and there are people that trust me to lead them as a Werewolf."

"Why do you think I could transform you into a Vampire?"

"Because you bit me."

"Think again, Ezlynn. Either it would have been that I drank all of the blood in your body, and you died from blood loss, or I drank a little, but that would make you remain in your Werewolf form."

"Unless you're a pure-blood Vampire."

Kieran chuckled.

"You read those Vampire Fan-Fics online, don't you?"

Ezlynn blushed, rolling her eyes.

"It's only a theory that novelists have created to galvanize romantic pleasure." Kieran said, "Though I am a pure-blood, I never was able to turn someone into a Vampire."

"Then how was I--"

"...Sleep." he interrupted.

He covered her eyes with his hands, leaving her no time to react to it. Kieran cast a spell as Ezlynn dozed off instantly.

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    《The Secret of the Blood Moon》