The Secret of the Blood Moon
7 Vampire fangs
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The Secret of the Blood Moon
Author :Otaku_anime
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7 Vampire fangs

Kieran stared at her with a deal of interest and nodded.

"Okay, then," he finally said, "See you in the Arena."

He left the alley in no time, Ezlynn staring at the back of his figure and wondering how someone can be so arrogant to challenge his Godmother. She glanced at the moon, which was full and luminous.

"...You can come down now, Collins,"

Collins flew from above, now with his hearing recovered,

"Boss, why did you accept his request? He's dangerous, and you just jeopardized-"

"Collins," Ezlynn said, coldly, "Do you doubt that I might lose?"

Collins sighed and shook his head. Never losing to a battle in her life, Ezlynn had grown up with pride and arrogance. However, Collins could see the hidden trepidation behind her platinum layer of valiancy; Kieran had frightened her.

"Come on, Collins," she declared, clenching her fist. She pledged to herself that the battle would be hers and that Kieran would recompense for such arrogancy, "We need to get to the Arena."


The Arena was even below the basement, locked. Ezlynn opened it with a key, Collins following behind her. He turned on the lights and revealed the blood-splattered platform in the middle. Kieran was already waiting in the center, checking his phone.

"H-how did you get in?" Ezlynn stammered,

"I BROKE in,"

Kieran smiled at her bewildered reaction. Ezlynn then walked towards the platform, which was splattered with more blood. Kieran poked his phone into his pocket, welcoming her with a mysterious smile.

"Why don't you tell your loyal dog to get out of here before we begin?" Kieran sneered and glanced at Collins.

"For what reason?" she frowned, slightly stepping back.

Kieran lifted one eyebrow, as Ezlynn sighed,

"Do as he says, Collins,"

"Boss, please-"


Collins looked at her painful shadow, sighed then left, knowing that it was useless to argue with her.

"Well, then," Kieran whispered. They both looked into each other's eyes, trying to understand who would attack first.

Their stares intensified, as Kieran decided to make his move. Kieran flew to Ezlynn and wrapped his arm around her waist before she could even resist. He drew her closer, his seductive lips about to touch to hers. Ezlynn flinched, her tensed body relaxing in his embrace. She felt defeated in his arms, powerless.


She softly panted. It felt like she was being drugged; her vision blurring his charming face. Her hands refused to move anywhere but to his face, tracing his beautiful lines. Kieran leaned his face against her neck and whispered,

"Wake up, Ezlynn, I need to win so I can tell you the secret,"

Kieran gave her a little tap, making Ezlynn's eyes clicked open and realize how disgraceful she had been. She immediately drew away, transforming into her complete Werewolf form. Her fair skin transmuted into white animal fur, her long fingers turning into paws. The arrayed human teeth extended and formed Werewolf fangs in her mouth. She had broken free from the seducement, growling on all fours, her silver eyes glowing in the dimly-lit Arena. Kieran stayed still, watching Ezlynn's transformation with interest.

The gray in her eyes became bewildered by how Kieran remained in his human form and was open to all attacks. Ezlynn took the opportunity of his complacency and lunged at him, aiming for his heart.

However, Kieran smiled viciously, reaching his hand out. His eyes suddenly lit red as he reached out his brawny right arm, grabbing her paw and delivering massive electrification to her. Ezlynn winced and collapsed on the platform, her body painfully tingling.

"Hah, hah, hah..." Ezlynn panted as her Werewolf form turned back into a human.

Laying on the open platform, she couldn't believe that someone had pinned her down on the floor so quickly. Was she dreaming? She had singlehandedly taken down 200 Venandis at once, and now was defeated by just one touch of his. What was he?

"I'm sorry about that," Kieran walked towards her and bent down on his arms, shadowing her tired and shocked body.

"W-what are you?" Ezlynn managed to say, panting. She was well aware that electrification was not a Werewolf's skill.

Kieran smiled down at her as she realized what she had been fighting. His canine teeth began to extend, the edges growing sharper and sharper. His eyes were no longer platinum but were a tempting shade of bloody red in them.

Ezlynn's eyes widened, not believing what they were seeing. Her lower lip quivered, as she muttered,

"Y-you're a--"

"That's right," Kieran's eyes seemed thirsty.

"A Vampire," Ezlynn muttered as Kieran bent down, sinking his fangs onto her neck as she lost consciousness.

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    《The Secret of the Blood Moon》