The Secret of the Blood Moon
5 Her mark on him
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The Secret of the Blood Moon
Author :Otaku_anime
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5 Her mark on him

Ezlynn stared into Kieran's eyes for a few seconds, absorbed into his charming features. He exuded a charismatic scent that allured her spirit down to the very core. She then was resuscitated back into her dignity and backed away, slightly blushing, but regained the paleness of her face in a matter of seconds.

"The past leaders have searched the world around the world for a decade to glean the last Werewolves after the Great War, and they didn't find you. How and why?"

"The government also searched around the world for the last remaining Werewolves and declared that they were thoroughly extinct." he replied, "And here is a gang of Werewolves in Chicago. The method? It's called a well-hidden secret."

Ezlynn waned her eyes. She had then sighed,

"And please," she said at last, "let me check your contacts and messages."

"You are quite cynical," he said, his voice sweet and teasing at the same time. He handed her his phone, and she checked all his contacts and messages for any suspicious content as soon as she snatched it away from him. She then returned it after scrutinizing every single contact on his phone.

"Listen, Ezlynn," he whispered quietly. Ezlynn stared up at him, offended, for no one had called her by her name during work that except for Collins. "If you're that doubtful..."

Kieran looked directly at Ezlynn's eyes, exuding a pompous light in them. Ezlynn was fascinated by how his eyes took control of her, staring at her in a charming but arrogant light.

Kieran held out his wrist, revealing the black wolf mark on it. He leaned towards Ezlynn and whispered,

"Bite, and I'll be yours forever, only loyal to you."

Ezlynn gawked at him in disbelief, raising both eyebrows. Collins stared nervously at them, but decided to obey Ezlynn's eyes reading, 'Dont intervene.'

'What?' Ezlynn thought to herself, still gawking at him. Biting one's wrist was a way of a partnership between Werewolves, marking someone as their territory. Was this his way of "proving" his loyalty to her? She wanted to draw away from him, declare an adamant "no". She wanted to avert herself from the situation but her body refused. His flesh looked so delicious, the muscles under his wrist perfectly aligning. What was this strange sensation? She tried to turn away from it but her eyes were stuck there, like a magnet. Ezlynn warned herself,

'Don't do it. Don't. You have a future with Collins and you don't know what calamity that he can bring to you.'

But her heart suddenly started racing and cried that it wished to stick her Werewolf fangs into his juicy flesh and claim him.

'Shut UP, Ezlynn! Why would you even think that?!' She chastised herself, but it had no impact on this sudden desire she was experiencing. In addition, his wrist wafted a scent that impulsed her even more. Ezlynn, who grew up resisting the worst temptations, was overwhelmed by such compulsive desire. Her heart was beating as if it was going to rupture and splatter blood all over Kieran's gray suit if she didn't bite his wrist. Her breaths got short and quick, while Collins glanced at her with concerned looks, signaling with his golden eyes,

'Boss? Are you alright?'

He did not understand the compulsion she was experiencing. The mystifying temptation was simply insatiable. Finally, she lost her complete, dignified senses, quickly bending down, piercing his wrist with her Werewolf fangs deeply.


With the sound of her canine teeth entering Kieran's flesh, the room was in pure silence. It was a few seconds completely without any noise, even from the hallways. Collins was frozen like a statue with his eyes trying to understand what their great leader and his love interest had just done. Ezlynn softly moaned, gradually taking her canine teeth out of his flesh.

She felt satisfied, somehow, but was also brought back to her senses, now that her desire was drained. Her long, slim legs started to quake violently, almost collapsing her to the ground. Her silver eyes shook, depriving the regal aura that always remained in her eyes. Kieran was different from anyone she had faced in her life. Ezlynn's dignity had fallen to the ground as she had left her partnership mark on a stranger, soon to be her apprentice. She had been impregnable for the past 18 years, receiving grueling training since her childhood and violently murdering anyone who came into her tribe's way. And now, here she was, marking a stranger as her partner who could expose her whole tribe. She also shared a future with Collins, who had cared for her more than anybody when she had first joined the gang. Now, her future was shattered into a million bits by a stranger who had entered her office just a few minutes ago.

Overwhelmed by such vexation, she stared up at him, looking into his eyes that looked as if they were hungry for more. The black wolf mark on his wrist faded away quickly, as Ezlynn grabbed her leather office chair for support, dizzy and bewildered.

"W-what have you done?" her voice quivered.

Ezlynn sat on her chair, her legs trembling. But she couldn't blame Kieran. What had SHE done? She couldn't deter herself from single self-control. But she had wanted it so badly; what was wrong with her?!

"Now then," Kieran kneeled down in front of her, smiling with the slightest taste of iniquity that threatened Ezlynn's debilitated dignity, "Since that you've made your mark, I am yours. Yours forever to keep."

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    《The Secret of the Blood Moon》