The Secret of the Blood Moon
4 “And I“ll be yours, forever.“
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The Secret of the Blood Moon
Author :Otaku_anime
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4 “And I“ll be yours, forever.“

Collins slowly let go of Ezlynn's sleeping body and got up. He took one last glance at Ezlynn, who was a beauty lying on the bed. He sighed reluctantly, and quietly left her room, not making the slightest noise to perturb her.

Then, he went to his room and opened up his laptop.

"Father, Mother." he messaged, "I think that they've finally come to get her."


When Ezlynn woke up, she was girded in Collins's arm. He was still asleep, repudiating to release Ezlynn's body, which made it compulsory for her to wake him up in order to check the time. Her thick curtains weren't very receptive when it came to judging if it was still day or night.

"Collins," Ezlynn tapped on his shoulder.

"Hmm?" he groaned sheepishly.

"I think that we have to go to work right now," she erected from her bed and checked her phone, which was resting on her bedside, "It's 8:31 P.M."

Ezlynn's head throbbed from over-sleeping. She stretched, yawning. Since they had to sleep while the sun was up in order to avoid it, the summer sun had extended the hours of her sleep, which had been unfavorable to her body.

"It's already 8:31?" Collins groaned again, sitting up, and leaving to his room "I'm going to change."

Ezlynn nodded. Suddenly, her head throbbed again, as she held onto her bed for support, overwhelmed by the dizziness. She changed into her black leather jeans and a blue hoodie in her closet when the headache had calmed down. Although it was July and the weather was scorching, long apparels prevented blood and gore from splashing onto her bare skin and from weak rays of sunlight giving her burns.

Collins was already waiting outside her room, garbed in black jeans and a navy jacket. Ezlynn exited her room, face-to-face with Collins's beguiling features.

"Are you ready?" she asked,

Collins nodded as they both walked down the stairs, opening the door, and stepped outside. It was not quite night yet, with a nuisance of light still remaining. The moon was gradually waxing above Ezlynn and Collins, shining on their beautiful faces. The neighborhood was serene, lights on in a couple of houses, but most of them dark.

"Let's go, Collins," Ezlynn said to him. The reserved tone in her voice had returned.

"Yes, Boss."


Their headquarters were not very alienated from Ezlynn's home, taking at the most 5 minutes for her to walk there. She had bought the whole building located in Chicago City for the burgeoning Werewolf population. It was easily mistaken to be a massive corporation's headquarters due to its glass, modern structure. However, people were too complacent to realize that the "employees" that work there were youthful teenagers and adults stained with blood that only entered the place during the night.

Ezlynn scanned her I.D. on the main entrance, Collins following behind her. Due to Ezlynn's taste in picayune interiors, the lobby looked more like a ballroom than a gang's headquarters. Some of her tribesmen were in the lobby and bowed to her with respect. They all gazed at her and Collins as they passed by, mesmerized by their beauty that augmented in the waxing moonlight. The lobby was almost never filled since most of the Werewolves were in the basement, where the organs of the Venandis were preserved for selling them to the black market.

Ezlynn and Collins took the elevator to their office, which was on the top floor.

"Collins, tell Embry to bring the new member directly to my office."

"...Yes, Boss." Collins responded as they entered her office on the top floor.

Collins closed the door behind him, isolating them alone in her office. She didn't bother to turn on the light, for their nocturnal visions would penetrate through the darkness.

"So," Ezlynn approached him as soon as he closed the door, "We've got 2 minutes before the new member arrives."

"I wanted to ask you..." she was face-to-face with him, jerking her head up in a steep angle to stare directly at him, "What did you apologize about, yesterday?"

Collins went slightly pale, realizing that she had been awake and heard every word of him apologizing. Ezlynn was bemused by why he looked afraid.

She stared at him harder with a confused look. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door as she quickly drew away from Collins, and answered to the knock,

"Come in."

"Boss?" Embry appeared, her dark, wavy hair stained with blood, "K-Kieran's here."

Embry's face was flushing, her coal-dark eyes filled with desire and admiration. Kieran appeared behind her, tall and overshadowing Embry's figure. Ezlynn took a deep breath before confronting him.

She glanced up at him, only to be immediately petrified. He stood with great grace in front of Ezlynn's office, his eyes being strangely familiar to her, and she could not pull away at the penchant of them. They were in a color of platinum but seemed to strangely glow in a color of red that stared at her in a seductive manner. His hair was white and perfectly groomed without a strand of hair out of place. Kieran smiled a supercilious but somehow twisted smile, revealing his perfect white teeth. Ezlynn was indeed seduced, feeling as if she was being dragged into his alluring eyes. Embry was also engrossed at him, for it was like sorcery that prevented them from pulling away.

"Embry," Collins managed to say, "Please leave us alone,"

Embry was finally unshackled from her fascination, nodded, then reluctantly left the office. Ezlynn was also brought back to reality, making an effort to recuperate her despotic mien back on her face. She was bewildered at how she had lost her civility so easily and cleared her throat, taking a deep breath before confronting his eyes again,

"A self-introduction will do," Ezlynn finally managed, her face recovering from the sudden allurement, "And please explain why you're wearing such a formal suit when you plan to join a gang."

Now that she had calmed herself down, she had realized that he was garbed in a light-gray, professional suit that didn't have a single crease on it.

Kieran discerned Ezlynn with interest, then responded,

"Well," his voice was deep and smooth, "I do have my personal life."

Ezlynn deduced from his fine manners and physical features that he was a magnate of some kind.

"What kind of business do you run then?" she asked.

"Clever, aren't you?" he said, "Well then, Aerospace \u0026 Defense. But don't worry, I don't sell weapons to Venandis."

She remained quiet, glaring at him suspiciously.

"Want me to prove that I'm not working for the Venandis?" he said as he approached her.

Ezlynn was again absorbed into his eyes but managed to regain her civility. Kieran overshadowed Ezlynn, but her glare was very domineering, piercing right through him as he pulled up his sleeve to unveil a black mark on his wrist. It was in the form of a wolf's head, symbolizing a genuinely independent wolf unclaimed by tribes or loyal to any forces. Collins peered at it, astonished, for he had never seen a truly unclaimed Werewolf in his life.

Ezlynn gawked at the mark, her suspicions slightly fading away that he was loyal to the Venandis.

"So you're not their servant?" she questioned.

Kieran nodded, then enclosed the distance between them. Ezlynn wanted to back away from him, but her feet were planted on the ground, allowing such accosting behavior.

"Let me in the tribe," he bent down to whisper on her neck, "And I'll be yours, forever."

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    《The Secret of the Blood Moon》