The Martial Master
101 Li Wei“s Second Sword Slice
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The Martial Master
Author :infermite
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101 Li Wei“s Second Sword Slice

'So they are no longer hiding their intentions... This sect wants Wen Mian dead!'

To show outward hostility could only mean that, at least to Li Wei.

His eyes began to shine a sharp light as the atmosphere crackled. The elders didn't speak as they gulped and the slaughter-aura infested boy took a step forward, speaking with a childish tone.

"Disciples, take a step back."

Warm energy encompassed every disciple below him. The suffocating pressure lessened as the disciples found moving somewhat doable, and through this, they all retreated with pale faces.

The world soon became deserted as Li Wei's eyes narrowed with a light that seemed to transcend the world. His arms quivered, and as he grasped the sword the abyssal sword on his back, a rumbling voice erupted out of his mouth.

"It seems that you know longer care about hiding your intentions, good! Once Master leaves the void this whole issue will be solved, and then..."


But he couldn't finish as his eyes shook and his voice entered a perpetual mumble. He seemed to have a desire to do something, a desire to go back to a long forgotten place. Yet, whenever he tried to remember, his mind would erupt with a piercing pain that swept him into shivers.

The elders paused as they noticed this, and taking this chance, they didn't hesitate to launch forward with blasting, thunderous bangs! The bearded man's muscles convulsed as his fists hardened and began to shine a metallic sheen. The withered women also seemed to go all out as a sickening aroma spat out of her, and through this, her entire body shrivelled up even more!

The air and the sky seemed to wither as everything died!

The boy, behind them, also exploded with a frightening slaughter aura that dyed the sky crimson! A dagger appeared in his grasp, and then he disappeared from view like fog!

Li Wei's startled mind shook as he noticed this, each elder held the power of a peak 8th step cultivator! However, with these attacks that were using up all of their strength, it far surpassed that boundary!

He felt the air harden around him from the bearded man's fists; he felt his skin shrivel from the woman's aura, and he felt an inexplicable danger poke at his back from the unknown whereabouts of that creepy boy!

Panic erupted as he found it hard to handle all of these terrifying pressures!

His body froze from this, and the Elders seemed to sneer as they all appeared before him. A shrunken hand went and grasped for Li Wei's leg, a brutal fist launched itself at his face, and a disheartening dagger sheen arose from behind his neck!


Li Wei's body shivered as it seemed to want to move, but Li Wei was having a hard time handling this sudden attack. It was his mind that was bottlenecking his strength; a weak soul...

The Elder's seemed joyous as they noticed the strange unmoving nature of Li Wei. They could see the panic in his face; it seemed that they have overestimated this fellow's strength...


Li Wei's eyes widened as he watched these attacks near him at a frightening pace. A milli-second more, just one more...


Yet, strangely, they began to slow down. Time, it lost meaning.

From full speed, it halved, then it halved once more...

The droplets of sweat bristling off of the bearded man seemed to suspend, and the withered aura freeze. Even more so, Li Wei felt the world turn grey as his white pupils began to get blotched with a greyish tinge.

His panicked mind felt a calming energy shroud it, and soon after a haze of abyssal grey enveloped his entire body.

Li Wei seemed to understand something as his tightened grasp loosened on his sword.

'My body entered a life and death stance... Cool."

His pupils seemed to blend in with his body as they swirled a strange, sharpened tune. Everything had frozen, but Li Wei could feel that he didn't have long within this transcendent state.


A single strand of grey aura enveloped his sword as he kneeled a little and tilted his grasp. This single strand brought an aura that seemed to form a great sword in the sky and firmament; a sword made to pierce and part the heavens!

'Second Slice...'

Time, still chilled like ice, blazed as Li Wei performed a surreal swipe that formed a line in space. This line extended like a wound as it slit through each elder without resistance!


Then, space reeled as time sped up in Li Wei's eyes. Though, everything seemed to cease with this. First, the withered woman who was closest trembled as her eyes widened. In this exact moment, her body got sundered in a thin and wound-like line of black!

Halved, she was...


The burly man was the first to react as he jumped back with shock filled eyes! It was beyond terrifying, as to him, Li Wei seemed to slash at a speed he couldn't even perceive!

In one instant he was standing there with panic in his expression, but in the next, he had already drawn his sword!

It was inconceivable!

Yet, as he realised this, he too also felt an odd sensation sweep through his stomach. Then, within his trembling gaze, he watched a hair-raising slit of black pass through his body!


He roared as he attempted to stop it, but it was all pointless.


A curtain of bright-red blood glittered the sky as his lower half separated from his body. This wouldn't be life-threatening as he could heal it, although it would cripple him. But he somehow felt that that would be impossible!


His eyes stared at Li Wei's face that lifted with a grin. Unwillingness squirmed in his face, but he couldn't stop his death as his body fell from the sky like a dwindling fly.


But this wasn't the end, you see...

A boy, appearing behind Li Wei with bloodshot eyes, took a step back as he gazed at Li Wei with abject terror! He seemed to somewhat understand what Li Wei just did!

"Transcendent Sword Laws!"

His eyes seemed to be bleeding as the dagger in his hand shattered into dust, and much like the rest, a slit of black swept through him...


Scarlet blood blotched the sky once more, and his terrified expression solidified as he plunged towards distant ground.


But, this seemed to be only the beginning. For, glowing in the heavens, a great black sword appeared and swept through everything! A vast, infinite wound gnashed the atmosphere as everything on Li Wei's altitude got halved!


A distant crash resounded as a great ledge collapsed into the rubble. Thousands of trees were split like tofu on the ledges that remained intact, and the two great peaks seemed to shake a tune that neared an earthquake.

A fogged slash seemed to encompass the world for a period of time as the sky got inked in black. It was only after a couple of horrifying seconds that it began to dissipate...

Li Wei, standing in the air, seemed tired as he hoisted the sword back onto his back.


Echoing thuds resounded on the earth as three bodies crashed onto it. He, remaining as the victor, seemed to sense something as he turned around.

He seemed to go a bit breathless as he mumbled under his breath.

"What is this aura?"


A fierce shake shook the sky as an aura bellowing with rage erupted from a distant area on the furthest peak. It only took a second for it to appear before Li Wei, and within this wriggling and thick energy floated a robed old man.

His eyes caught the sight of the three figures on the ground, decorated in their own guts. He took a deep breath of air as his face paled, but this was soon overcome with fury.

"Even if you are from the Overseer, do you seriously think you can go around and murder my people?!"

His eyes brightened as his roar blasted and shook the eardrums of Li Wei.


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