The God of Creation
1 001 - Drako City
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The God of Creation
Author :NarutoSSJG
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1 001 - Drako City

Planet Earth, Existential home of the dominant race that calls itself human, impure and imperfect beings who only think of themselves. Not caring to involve his own people in wars for their own benefit. They are insignificant and closed-minded beings, barely aware that the tiny planet they live in has just come out of diapers compared to the whole universal plane.

A planet that mysteriously, appeared portals that left millions of monsters, monsters that destroyed cities, states and entire countries, and decimated more than 70% of the human population.

But from these portals, mysterious energy came out, that energy that the Dark Age survivors called Mana, and with this Mana, many people ended up awakening powers, be they Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Telekinesis, or Many other types of powers. And with their new powers, humans managed to drive out the monsters from the world's major capitals, and rebuild some of them.

Of course, the humans needed some powerful figures to follow, with that was born the Group "The Kingdom" which consisted of 8 Members, each of them had incredible and super powerful powers, but one in question stood out, he was the King, no if he knew his name or origin, only knew that he had a legendary strength, he could destroy mountains with only one blow, and fought alone against Monsters of Rank S.

Including, it was he who classified the Monsters, rank ranged from "G" to "SSS". he also toured many States and Countries and made a book by the name of many Monsters and their classifications, and their main powers, but unfortunately, it disappeared as if it had never existed.

~~ [Capital Drako] ~~

The year 2052;

The Drako Capital, formerly called Washington, was now one of the capitals that were saved from the Monsters, and 300,000 people lived there, including some humans who were classified as Rank "B", and like Monsters, humans were classified from Rank "G" to "SSS", and Drako was one of the weakest Capitals in the world.

It was also Michael's birthplace, the first human Rank "G" and his pathetic power to create garbage.

Stone of mana, are stones that are born of monsters, and humans use it to increase their amount of mana. And it is also usable for the energy of either cities or cars, a city needs 30 Stones of mana to stay active for 1 month, and a car 1 mana stone to walk from one city to another.

The higher the rank of Monsters, the stronger and cleaner the mana stones are, and the Mana trade is the most popular and richest in the world, where each Stone is sold by many diamonds.

Diamonds and Silver are the money that is now used, Low-Class families can survive for 10 years with 10 Gold Coins.

Middle-Class households using 200 Gold coins, manage to survive for 5 years, and High-Class Families have available over 10,000 Gold Coins, Even the poorest government has 50,000 Gold Coins.

The Rank "C" have a net account of 900 gold coins, and Rank "A" may have more than 7,000 gold coins.

The City of Drako was also surrounded by huge walls, and divided into 4 Areas, The Poor, Rich, Commercial and Special Area.

Poor Area: Where the majority of citizens lived, and the poorest people.

Rica Area: Where people lived in government, wealthy people or merchants.

Commercial Area: Buying and selling area, frequented by rich and poor.

Special Area: Where the Guilds were located, and the Army.

===================================================================== Scene Switching ====================== =====

Michael was now walking through the hallways of the school, where some students pointed their fingers and whispered something to their friends.

"Look, it's Michael, I've heard that your power is useless."

"Yes, he can make trash cans."

"I have heard that Michael's father is a traitor to the human race."

" Seriously? "

He told some students passing by Michael who listened to everything they were talking about.

'I can hear, you know? ' Michael thought with a sad expression and clenched his fists tightly.

Michael was a 16-year-old, his black hair stuck out, and blue eyes made him look beautiful, he was a bit thin, and he was tall compared to other people. But he still had a problem, he had an inferiority complex.

He had never known his mother since his birth, and his father was a drunk and addicted who beat or did everything for Michael to feel inferior, and over the years he grew worse and worse until one day his father, who was also a Rank Adventurer "B" betrayed his teammates and was reported as being one of the Monsters spies, and it turned out that the government was following in all Michael's footsteps.

Michael also discovered that he had the power to create garbage. How did that work? well, the mana teacher told him to go to the front of the room, where he would lay his hand on the Awakening Stone, what is it? well, Stone of Awakening, is a stone that is the size of a Door, and its function was to analyze and show the power of the user in the form of a hologram.

Michael, in the beginning, was very expecting, he thought he would achieve some incredible power, such as flying or teleportation, even Super Strength would be very cool. but soon his expectations were broken when he put his hand on the stone of Awakening, he showed a hologram of a totally white Man he just pointed his hands to the ground, and on the floor a garbage can appear, that was not the worst ... the worst came soon after, when the Awakening Stone turned into a garbage can.

The angry Professor would end up killing Michael, if it was not for the director appearing and making a deal with the Professor and Michael, he made Michael's proposal to get the 200 Gold Coins, which was the value of Stone of Awakening to pay for teacher, this, of course, took everyone by surprise, because everyone knew Michael was a poor orphan and did not even have anything to eat, the Professor then said that Michael had three weeks to get the Money.

But with no chance to refuse and with a timid expression, Michael was forced to accept, he at first thought the Headmaster was helping him, but now only missing a week to finish the term, Michael knew the Headmaster was not helping him, and yes the Humbling.

Because? Simple, everyone at school learned about the proposal, and they were humiliated or laughing at Michael, and he turned out to be the whole school joke.

Returning to Michael, he was now heading toward his room, where on the way he found a few more students who laughed at him.

Entering the classroom, he saw that he was the first to enter, and went to sit at the last table by the window.

Soon after, many students began to come in and were sitting at their desks, not long after, she entered ... Luana Drako, the Daughter of the mayor of Drako Town and a fighter rank "D", she had the Power of Wind, her pale white skin and black hair made a beautiful contrast, and with green eyes, she was a beauty that could make entire cities stop wars and look at her ... This included Michael who liked her, but thanks to his complex of inferiority, he would not have the courage to confess.

'Stop fooling yourself, idiot ... you and she are not in the same league. ' Michael thought mockingly, his fingers tapping the table with a single rhythm.
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    《The God of Creation》