The God of Creation
-1 Clan, Guild and Prices
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The God of Creation
Author :NarutoSSJG
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-1 Clan, Guild and Prices

@@Drako City, where Michael the Protagonist lives, is also one of the weakest cities in the world.

Clan Drako = Led by Isaac Drako, a Rank "B" and City Mayor.

Golden clan = Led by Josh Golden, a Rank "C" and second strongest Clan of Drako.

Guild Dragon = Led For ???, A Rank "???" and Drako's Strongest Guild, rumors say it has the same strength as the Drako Clan.

More Guilds and Clan As History Continues.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Manuals of Cultivation;

Manual of Breathing = Most Common, and Given by Schools, Helps to Gather Mana.

Manual of 64 Movements = Deployed in Major Clan and Guild, Helps to Meet Mana 10 Times Faster than Manual of Breathing.

Ray Handbook = For People Who Have Lightning Power, Cost: 500 Gold.

Manual Of Fire = For People who have the Power of Fire, Cost: 500 Gold.

Other Manuals according to Continuing History.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Gold and silver;

1 Year of Feeding For Family of 4 Members = 1 Gold

Car = 80 Gold

Drones with 2 Seats + Weapons of Protection and Shield = 5,000 Gold

Clock = 40 Silver

Apartment = For Rent: 2 Gold ... Buy: 600 Gold

1 Gold = 1,000 Silver

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