The God Creator System
21 Visiting the court of the gods.
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The God Creator System
Author :PhantomWriter
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21 Visiting the court of the gods.

Claude and his sister is now sleeping after a hard day of work, Lucio was pretty satisfied with the changes Clara made to the altar, it was now aesthetic with carvings unlike the block of wood It used to be.

"That should be it, now then how do I visit the court of the gods?" Lucio looked at the night sky remembering how he had to run down from the space because he was not affected by gravity and hasn't learned how to fly yet.

[[The system can teleport the user to the court of the gods, however it only be used whenever you are in your own dimension]]

"Great! that's good! let's go back and go there then" Lucio closed his eyes and returned to his dimension, after returning he hurriedly asked the system to teleport him to the court, what happened next surprised him, not because it teleported him but because it took almost a half of his essence.

[[Essence 2750/2750]] - 1000

The surroundings started to get distorted for a moment then returned to normal with everything changing, he was now in the middle of a place that had a gold design for everything, He has never been here before.

"Where is this?" Lucio asked himself as he look around, the place was crowded with different kind of creatures, he felt pressure from them he had the urge to get on the floor and kneel but with the system's help he resisted it.

Soon he felt someone tapping on his shoulder from the back, Lucio turned around to check who did that since he actually felt that.

"Are you not afraid? actually going here at your pure divine form?" The voice came from a female elf that had a laurel around her hair, she looked like those fairy goddess back from his old earth, She was wearing a green dress with golden linings, She was a bit taller than him so he had look up just to get an eye contact with her.

"Afraid?" Lucio looked at her confused, He still haven't created a body for himself since it costs 10,00 essence, he only had essence capacity of 2,750.

"Afraid?..." The Elf repeated what he said, it also made her confused, then after a few moments she finally realized

"Ah! You must be the new god that the Valkyries has been talking about!" Her expression lights up as she grab his hands and shake it

"Umm..." Lucio just stood there until she finally stopped shaking his hands

"Are you also a god?" Lucio asked the elf who just stopped shaking his hands, It was weird since he hasn't felt that sensation for a very long time.

"Yes I am! I am the Mother of Elves!" She proudly puffed her chest out which was moderate sized.

"That's a weird name"

"Ah, no its a title that was given to me by my followers, My name is Aurora and Mother of Elves is just one of the title I liked so that's how I usually introduce myself" She embarrassedly corrected him

"Sorry for misunderstanding.. I'm just quite new with this god stuff, My name is Lucio, A title less god" Lucio bows for a moment as an apology then introduced himself

"How did you get that title?" He tried to make a conversation since its been a while since he had a normalawkwardly, hout having to act like an almighty god

"I created the Elven kind for Gaia since He thought the creatures he made lacked diversity, as an exchange he allowed the elves to worship me you know Gaia is a very creative god, he made beautiful landscapes and nature-" She started talking about how she got the title and the god Gaia but then a Valkyrie approached them and told them to not stand in the middle of the room, Aurora apologized to the Valkyrie then changed the topic.

"Welcome to the court!" Aurora smiled at him awkwardly and joked about how the Valkyrie treated them, She actually forgot that they were literally at the center and have been causing some traffics among the others

"Before I start talking about those things.. you must be here to register your god name right? You can register over- ah its not visible from here, come with me!" Aurora told Lucio to follow her and started walking towards the counter which was kind of far from the center, the room was pretty huge and there were a lot of divine and mythical creatures around it


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