The Demon King's Sweet Wife
52 Fated Return Part 5
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The Demon King's Sweet Wife
Author :Lilniaproductions
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52 Fated Return Part 5

Dai held Yu against his chest to ease her of her agony of Sealing Trelawney's powers. She felt guilty for doing it to Trelawney, but it was the only way to save her. Yu knew that. She knew that having a dark side is not helpful when a person belongs to a race that can abnormal powers. Yu then started to calm down. "I'm sorry, Trelawney." Yu tells Trelawney. However, Trelawney didn't know why her adoptive mother was apologizing to her; she was the one who lost control of her powers.

"Why are you apologizing to me? I lost control. I gave myself over to the power that I told myself that I wouldn't use." Trelawney said with shame, bowing in front of both Yu and Dai. Eli was worried about Trelawney's mental state, but he knew that it was just her guilt talking. Eli went to comfort his mate after he caught tears falling down her face. He saw the dirt catch her tears and it was like the dirty had melted like her pain had affected the dirt. Eli was then shocked as he saw the dirt start to twirl around softly and it touched Trelawney's face. Eli then realized that her element was comforting her in its own way as he remembered that Trelawney's powers were taken away, so he realized that it was just natural wind. Even the natural wind is empathic to her pain. He thought, hugging Trelawney close to him. She smiled at the feeling at the wind comforting her and she realized that she was fine with being powerless for the moment. It just meant that her evil self couldn't possess her and Trelawney was fine with having no powers as long as it meant that she couldn't be possessed.

Trelawney decided to tell Yu the truth about her feelings. "Mama, I'm not mad. Instead, I'm glad. I don't want to have powers if it's meant for me to be evil. I will happily to be a human if it means that I won't destroy the people I love." She admitted to Yu. Yu was shocked at Trelawney's dedication at being powerless and she hugged Trelawney, pulling her close

"You are stronger without your powers and that's good thing. You are our pride and joy even if you are not me and Dai's blood child." Yu reveals to Trelawney, who smiled at her adoptive mother. Dai then checked over Trelawney and Yu with a small smile. We are a close knit family. He thought happily. He then realized that he wasn't jealous that Trelawney was of another man's blood and that he had adopted her as his own. He knows that Demon Kings are brutal to children that are not of their own blood, but Dai wasn't like that. He wasn't going to kill Trelawney because there was no ounce of his blood in her. He loved Trelawney as his own flesh and blood and he wasn't going to let anyone change that.


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