The CEO’s Daring Wife
40 Marcus’s Pas
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The CEO’s Daring Wife
Author :brebre74874
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40 Marcus’s Pas

(I've decided to add some background knowledge of Marcus's past, and next chapter will be about Mei and Ali's backstory in the orphanage)


(Short story of Marcus's childhood)

Marcus Ale:

He couldn't believe what he had just heard

Someone was going to adopt Ali and Mei?

Marcus showed a gloomy reaction while thinking

'So that means that.. they are going to leave me…? All alone in this orphanage..?'

"w..why? Why are you leaving me alone..?" Marcus said

At this point, tears were streaming down his face

"w..wh..why!….!!!!??!" He shouted before passing out

In the morning, when Marcus woke up, he looked around and then something suddenly dawned on him

He ran all the way to the girls room area, and barged into where Mei and Ali stayed


There was nothing there

All their clothes and belongings were gone.

There was no sign that either Mei nor Ali ever lived there

" wasn't a dream.. they REALLY left me.." as Marcus said that, tears started to pour down his face again

Marcus screamed out angrily before punishing the wall in front of him as hard as he could

Mark gritted his teeth at the pain he just felt but then kicked their beds as hard as he could

~~~~One Week Later~~~~~~

Before Mei and Ali left, the three of them were considered as angels by all the caretakers.

They even helped the caretakers with things that they didn't have to do

They brought a smile to everyone's face all the time

When a little kid or baby cried or threw a tantrum, Marcus, Ali and Mei always knew how to make them smile

It saddened them that Mei and Ali were leaving, but they were also honestly really happy for them. They finally got a real family

'But now..' the caretaker shook as she looked at the scene infront of her 'Marcus.. has really changed…'

Marcus had indeed really changed.

Before, he could be called an angel, but now, he was more like a devil

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He was screaming at the top of his lungs and attacking a kid who had spilled some milk onto him

Doing so, he broke a couple of chairs/stools

Some of the caretakers tried to intervene, but they just ended up getting attacked as well

At this point, any little thing caused a full on storm from him

He was rebelling.

He made it clear that he wouldn't stop acting this way unless they brought Mei and Ali back

Sadly, there was really no way that they could take Mei and Ali back, and even if they could, they still wouldn't.

There was no way that they were going to take mei and Ali's new family away from them

At this moment, a caretaker was escorting around a man

He had expressed his interest in adopting a child

"And in here is the area where everyone eats. Right now, majority of the children are in there eating right now."

Just as she opened the door, there was a loud scream which was followed by the sound of several things being knocked over

The man saw the scene in front of him and smiled

"What's that young mans name?" He asked, pointing towards Marcus

"O-oh.. him? His name is Marcus. I swear he used to be so angelic but.. he's going through some stuff at the moment" the caretaker stated

"I would like to adopt that child… Marcus…" there was a certain gleam in his eye which the caretaker noticed

"Really? Are you sure? Here, wait right there for a moment please."

After she said that, she rushed over to where Marcus was

At this moment, 2 of the caretakers managed to grab hold of him, and where about to escort him to his room

Even though he used to share a room with all the boys a week ago, with his sudden change of personality, the adults decided it would be best (and safer) if he was assigned to his own room

She whispered into the ear of the one holding him "A man just said he would like to adopt Marcus. Take him to the introductory room, so the man can chat with him.."

The girls eyes widened as she said "really?" But then she nodded and started escorting him towards the introductory room

"Where are you taking me? This isn't the way to my room?" Marcus said this with attitude

"You'll find out." She replied calmly

The caretaker in charge of showing the possible foster father around had already delivered him to the introductory room.

He sat there calmly, without any expression.

It appeared he was deep in thought, so the woman decided to let him think

(Back with Marcus)

"This is the introductory room..? WHY on EARTH are we HERE??!?" Seeing this room brought back the realization that Mei and Ali were in here last just before they left him

Obviously, he was a little mad

"Someone expressed their interest in adopting you. Be nice to them."

"Really?" As Marcus said that, his voice and eyes turned cold

"Yes, now come in and take a seat." The caretaker relied

As Marcus sat down, he glared coldly at the man in front of him, as if trying to intimidate him

The man once again chuckled and said "hello, young man. What has you so angry today?"

He wanted to know what angered him, so that maybe he could control the anger and turn it into strength

"None if your concern, old man." Marcus said sharply

Quickly, one of the caretakers rushed over and whispered into the man's ear

"He's upset about these two girls getting adopted, and 'leaving him behind'."

"Oh. I see." The man said before turning towards the boy named Marcus

"If I adopt you, you would be able to see those two girls again.." The man calmly said

"Really..?" Marcus was skeptical, though just hearing this man say that strangely made Marcus almost instantly believe him

"Of course. I swear on my life that I am not lying. I always keep my promises" the man said truthfully

"Fine.. I guess I'll believe you. For NOW atleast. You better keep your word.. OR ELSE…" suddenly, Marcus eyes became chillingly cold

"You don't want to know.."

The man smirked once again "Good."

Then he turned to the caretaker next to him and said "I am definitely sure I want to adopt this child. I will take him home with me today also."

"Okay, here's the paperwork to officially adopt Marcus.." the caretaker was a little hesitant, she just didn't want to also lose Marcus along with Mei and Ali, but she was still professional so she handed him the paperwork without any complaints

Marcus watched intently as the man signed his name and swore loyalty to take care of Marcus

He felt something was off.. but he didn't know just what it was

"You swear you'll let me see Mei and Ali again…???" Marcus wanted to double check

"Of course. Now that I've finished signing the paperwork, follow me to my car."


While walking behind the man, Marcus realized something..

This man.. he was absolutely ripped! All of his muscles looked strong enough to carry the moon (lol)

"You coming?" The man turned his head to look back at Marcus

"Y-yeah.." and he was also devilishly handsome!

"S-So What's your name..?" Marcus hadn't even heard this man name yet, but he was already his foster father!

"You can call me Tux. At Least That's what everybody else calls me."


(Authors thoughts): Okay so imagine this..

I'm in 5th hour (which is like 2 hours long)

I'm in the yearbook class for 5th hour, and we haven't really done much. I had completed all of my assignments before class even began, so I decided to write for this chapter.

I start continuing my last chapter when I decided to all of a sudden make a chapter completely dedicated to Marcus

So I start writing, and then all of a sudden I feel the urge to make Marcus an emotional wreck

So there I was, frowning, making my eyebrows bend all the way down.

Overall, I looked VERYYY angry.. and did I mention the entire two hours I was typing so quickly with so much force for some reason, idk (and it was on my school iPad, which is pretty big..)

I am also at a place where legit everyone could see me. I sit right beside the teacher.. (not to mention.. if you are ever curious about how I act.. I am a statue in every single class. I don't show emotion whatsoever, and I almost never talk.. I only talk when my friends are there, but I am still very distant. So me acting like that so openly must of been weird..)

But writing this chapter about Marcus made me emotional so I hope you atleast feel pity for what Marcus was going through.. I know I sure did.. (I wonder what everyone was thinking when they saw me quietly and angrily attacking my iPad..?)


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