That Adonis is Mine!
142 Extra III
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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142 Extra III


Shawn was laying down on the bed with Sophie sitting on a chair on his right side while holding his hand. The room was quiet even though there were people surrounded the bed. But Shawn's eyes were focused only at Sophie.

They were granted with a daughter and two sons, where they spoil them hard but not rotten. They grew up righteously, managed Staller and grow it even bigger than ever. Their eldest son married to Michael's daughter and have a pair of twin. The second son where engaged while the sole daughter married to her 3 years older boyfriend and gave birth to a son.

Shawn and Sophie lived their life together, growing old together as they wished for. But now, Shawn felt frustrated as he greedy for more time to spend with her. He didn't want to leave her alone here. And Sophie knew how he felt.

"Love, wait for me. Wherever you are, I'll find you and make you mine again." Sophie whispered to his ears.

Shawn unable to say anything to reply but he nodded in agreement. He wished to be born again in the same world with Sophie. He wished to be happily married to Sophie again. He wished to make him Sophie's again.

"So, goodbye my love, my Adonis. I love you."


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