That Adonis is Mine!
139 Morning After
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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139 Morning After

It's the early morning after their gathering at BlueBell. Things were no longer the same for Shawn and Sara that was affected by last night revelation. They had obtained the closure where had been searching for, but somehow it felt half baked experience.

However, at least they could now look forward to what future store for them. Shawn had kept himself silent and alone, where Sophie would simply remain by his side, offering her support. To have complete your life mission always left your dumbfounded to what should you be doing next.

Shawn took the time to think things through. He would like to return to his real life, living himself as the descendant of Edwards. He would like to visit their graves, perhaps bring Sophie as well to introduce her to his parents. Then he thought about Sophie, how he wanted to grow old with her, spending his lifetime, next and following with her. He wanted to take her hand in marriage.

Once he breaks out his cocoon of thought, he found Sophie doze off beside him with a warm comforter wrapped around them. Who wouldn't love such a caring, supportive lady like Sophie? He sometimes felt like she were more dominant in their relationship than him.

No. This couldn't continue to be like this.

He needs to be a strong pillar for her to lean on to like how she would be his support.

Shawn picks up the sleeping beauty and placed her on the bed and watched her sleep. Silently, he formed a plan to ask Sophie to bring him to meet with her family where he could ask for her hand in marriage. A surprise proposal.

Though they had a body to body intimacy, he wanted to consummate their love as husband and wife. Shawn imagines her in a white dress, walking down the aisle and him waiting on the altar. Such a great dream that needed to be realized!

Hence Shawn strengthens his will, he would meet up with her family and proposed to her!

Sophie wakes up and saw Shawn brows down and closer together as he in deep thought. She lifted her fingers and poked him in the middle of his brows, easing the wrinkles. Such movement brought his thoughts back to reality and saw Sophie awakes.

"What are you thinking so hard, Shawn?"

Shawn felt like he just saw an angel. The morning light basking Sophie like a halo hypnotized Shawn. Before he could digest, he truthfully replies to her question.

"Thinking of proposing to you."


Sophie was indeed shocked. Shawn was shocked as well, he didn't expect to blur it this way. But since he had already spoken, he should just continue to propose to Sophie. Plus, they did start their relationship with marriage in mind.

"Sophie, I love you. I love to sleep and waking up with you next to me. I love to start a family with you. I love to grow old with you. I know that I should propose to you with a bouquet of flowers and a ring, but I too hasty in making you mine. Sophie, I love to make you my wife and me as your husband."

Shawn said his heartfelt confession one word at a time. He looked into her eyes when both are them were sitting on his bed. Seriously an impromptu proposal.

"Sophie, will you marry me?"

A trace of guilt flashes in her eyes and Shawn noticed it.

"Shawn, I'm sorry..."

Shawn was devastated. He knows it was a sudden proposal, but he really didn't expect Sophie to reject his marriage proposal. He knew how she felt towards him and he reciprocates similarly. And for her to feel guilt over it, Shawn assumes the worst.

But her next sentences blown his mind away.

"....because I already registered our marriage yesterday. Hehe."

--- The End ---
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