That Adonis is Mine!
136 I“m Back
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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136 I“m Back

Sophie thought the same, bringing Shawn into the loop would benefit both parties as they are searching for common truth after all. Sophie finally remembered her past life detail regarding the 'Pandora' but not the complete detail.

She remembered about Shawn told her previously something about the unread file in an old laptop. Perhaps by inviting Shawn to search about 'Pandora' together, she could silently remind him about it and sate his life search for truth once and for all.

"Let my brother knows about this as well. Better if he could rope in John Edward with him as well."

"John Edward? For what?"

Sophie realized that both Sara and Vincent knew nothing about Shawn Edward is a blood-related brother to John Edward. Sophie cursed herself for letting go things that she ain't supposed to.

"Nothing, just pass my message to him."

"Fine. Rendezvous tonight?"


Sara contacted Vincent to relay Sophie message and their point to meet up with both Edwards. Looking at the time approaching lunchtime, Sophie left the base to meet her lover, Shawn for lunch.

Lunch they were planning is just simply eating a take-out lunch at Shawn's place. Privacy and homey. Why take out food? That was because Sophie's can't cook. She can prepare simple dishes like sandwiches, instant 3 minutes noodles dishes or any microwavable food. But to prepare a complete meal and side dishes, she doubts the kitchen able to withhold until then.

Sophie changed into comfortable wear, arranging her garments into Shawn's wardrobe and plating the take outs while humming a happy song. While she was preparing in the kitchen, Shawn entered his house. What a difference. A bright warm welcoming house with a pleasant humming sound subtly heard lighten Shawn tremendously.

He wished this day would continue forever.

Shawn placed his briefcase and jacket on the couch while following the faint humming he heard before, walking all the way to the kitchen. Sophie in a white baggy T-shirt that definitely a size bigger which was definitely his and short pants and his brown half apron were preparing lunch. He instinctively withdraws his phone and snap a few pictures and save it in his private image gallery with a title, 'Little Wifey'.

Sophie felt a warm gaze toward her knew it was from her man, thus turning her head to the side and smile as she welcoming him back. Shawn's lips turned upwards as he replied to her, walking closer and placed his lips against her while whispered, "I'm back."
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