That Adonis is Mine!
134 Breakfast supplemen
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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134 Breakfast supplemen

"Good morning, love."

Shawn felt his world brighten and his burden lighten, completely at ease. A feeling he hadn't felt for years, ever since he became another 'Shawn Edward'.

'I wonder if I could cajole Sophie into moving in with me. Then I could wake up every morning next to her.'

Little that he knows that Sophie already planned to stay there permanently.

Why sleep alone when you have a human heater with delicious stud body and handsome face to sleep with? Such a waste!

Sophie leaned over closer and kiss Shawn a good morning on his lips before leaving the bed to the bathroom. Shawn just staring at her back, wearing only her black lingerie set as she walked into the bathroom to freshen herself.

It was Saturday, though it was the weekend he needs to go to work, to settle some pending work. But he was so reluctant to do so as he wanted to stay close to Sophie, as they finally committed to becoming lovers. He would find time to make sure they are going to be ended as a married couple!

Sophie come out while wearing Shawn clean shirt. Wearing a boyfriend shirt is one of her 'relationship goal' she wanted to fulfill, plus how can she resist the temptation wearing her boyfriend shirt?

Instead of walking towards the bed where Shawn waiting like an Emperor waiting for his consort's sweet indulgent, she makes her way to the kitchen. Well, though they haven't done anything excessive hanky panky exercise last night, they still need to fill up their tummy.

Shawn noticing her attire when she walked out of the bathroom. Her image wearing his shirt is a serious turn on, he secretly wonders if she would allow him to take her picture.

'I seriously need to start piling up my secret image gallery of her'.

When Sophie walked out of the bedroom, Shawn somehow felt happy but slightly frustrated because he was hoping Sophie can lend her hand with his morning wood but ashamed to show her this condition early morning, afraid she thought of him being debauchery.

Sophie meanwhile in the kitchen found herself shocked when she saw the fridge emptiness, except for a few cans of beer and a food box. She took the food box out, wondering what the content is.

Inside the food box is another well sealed clear food canister with a black sticker label that screamed homemade. Sophie scrutinizes reading the label, hoping it wasn't from anyone troublesome. After she read through the label, faint blush appears in her white soft cheeks.

'I wonder if Shawn wanted a breakfast supplement?'
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