That Adonis is Mine!
129 Naked Apron
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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129 Naked Apron

A doorbell chime heard as Shawn washing used utensil used previously. He left the clean dishes to dry before promptly walk to the door to invite Sophie in. When the door was open wide, Sophie was shocked and took another look at Shawn.

She was holding her mobile phone, replying to messages she received discreetly open up her camera and took a burst shot of Shawn before closing the apps and carefully keep her phone inside her jacket.

Shawn didn't think of anything odd of Sophie's action, step aside to give room for Sophie to enter his house. He gestures Sophie to sit comfortably in the living room as he makes way to the kitchen to serve a refreshment like a great host he is!

Once Sophie unable to see Shawn from the living room, she was elevated! Her eyes looking all around, sniffing the scent lingers around the house. The scent of her Adonis. When she was here previously, she didn't remember anything at all except rushing out of his house when she caught herself sleeping in her matching bra and panty set.

'If I knew it was him before, I gladly strip up naked and went back to bed!'

Sophie took out her phone and took a picture of the living room layout with a french window as the focal point before publishing the picture in her social media with a caption, 'A home I wanted to call mine'.

Sophie logged out her social media afterward, knowing nothing about how her latest post gained a lot of attention from netizen and went viral within minutes where everyone assumed Sophie will be going public about her new relationship and thinking who her partner is.

She then opened up her gallery and look thru images that she snapped earlier - Shawn Edward in a white regular fit shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbow and two top unbuttoned to display his protruding Adam's apple and a peek to his collarbones, black pants, and a deep brown half apron.

She assumed Shawn was cleaning up his place and forgot to untie the apron before opening up the door which was great eye candy and photo collection to her. Sophie sent a text to Uno with the image attached for him to large print.

'Another great piece of art to be printed and hung!'

Shawn came back from the kitchen with a tray of fresh beverage and mixed fruits cut. Sophie took a look at Shawn and disappointed when she saw he took off the apron already. She swears she gonna make Shawn do a naked apron in the future to appease her disappointment today!
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