That Adonis is Mine!
127 Paradox
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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127 Paradox

Sophie was inside their base when Uno delivered their finding after attacking GE server the day before. Uno was clarifying all information and sorted it out before passing it over to her.

"Boss, I have clarified all the information that we obtained from GE. Everything except for one project - Paradox. The numerical value was triple time different and the oddest thing is this project wasn't under GE."

Sophie received the folder and look into the details. The Paradox project is a residential project in City N, backdated almost 6 years ago. The project information was limited and from what Uno could identify is that this project was abandoned at the initial stage of the proposal.

Sophie read thru the report until she found something that she felt familiar with - Pandora. Sophie knew she heard or learned this word somewhere in her past but she couldn't recall where or when or who associated with this term.

"Uno, tell Gilligan to dig up this keyword 'Pandora'. Remind him to be discreet on this."

"How about Abby? Should she remain in GE or should we bring her back?"

"Let her there for a while. I need her to find anything about this 'Paradox' there as well. But in any time she was compromised, bring her back safely."

Uno nodded in agreement and then left her room. Sophie leaned her back and thought deeply about the keyword that she knew somehow have a connection to her Adonis somewhere somehow. It was so frustrating when she can't even recall it.

Sophie reached out for her phone and send a short message to Abby to find anything relevant to the Paradox that might help to uncover Pandora. Sophie later paged Wally to send the document copy to her brother and Sara as there is a possibility that Cain she looking for is related to Paradox project that she uncovered.


Sophie contemplating whether she should include Shawn as well. But talking about her Adonis, Sophie couldn't help but feel irritated as he didn't even reach to her ever since their previous tryst! Nothing. Nada!

Guess Sophie need to up her game so that her man would constantly thinking about her. Sophie unable to hold herself from smirking as she thinking a plan to do a love crash course with Shawn tonight.

Sophie stood up, gathered her things and left the premise to drive all the way to Moonlight Apartment to launch a surprise attack to Shawn Edward after getting his current location from Gilligan, courtesy of her hidden tracker on him.

Nope, she ain't a stalker, just a delicate, beautiful wife-to-be that is seriously concerned about her husband whereabouts. Truly. Seriously.
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》