That Adonis is Mine!
126 Hacked twice
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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126 Hacked twice

The sky darkens as the sun sets on the horizon. One by one employee left for the day, leaving that working overtime struggling to meet their quota end. Irregular keystrokes heard across the secretariat department of GE, pointing to a present of a newly dedicated worker that finishing her workload.

"Abby, I'll be leaving first. Remember to switch off all lights and lock the door before you leave."

A senior secretary politely reminded the new joiner of the department, Abby, before leaving. Abby was hired as a permanent employee ahead time as she displayed her capabilities in handling duress situation - a capable young secretary. Little that they know that the situation was staged in order for them to trust Abby and gained access to their system.

Abby waves her goodbye and continues working in her task. After brief minutes, Abby hand stop typing and she naturally took out a black USB and inserted it to her CPU. She then opened a command console and type a few lines of codes as instructed by Gilligan from her in-ear Bluetooth earphone before pressing 'Enter'.

"Done", Abby mentioned shortly.

Gilligan replies affirmative response and continues to infiltrate the GE server, searching and copying hidden folders while inflicting with spyware. The server security was a child play for Gilligan but as he streams thru the server, his program beeping alarm.

"What was it?" Abby asked in concern.

"Someone else is penetrating thru the system."

"GE server is being hacked twice?!"

What kind of bad luck is this?!

Gilligan sweeps off his digital footprint to ensure that nothing can lead back to them after he noticed that the second hacker skill is better than his. He triggers his program to self destruct and terminate his connection after sending a set of instructions to Abby.

Abby quickly ejects her USB drive and placed it inside her flask to corrupt the drive before planning to wrap it inside a female sanitary pad and throw it inside the bin. She closed the lights and lock the door behind her and left the office, acting like nothing weird happened.

When she comes back to work the next day, no one noticed the server was hacked twice yesterday and she wouldn't mention it else either. The files they copied yesterday was sent to Uno for verification and Abby awaits for further instruction.

Abby continues to perform her best in handling her task and gathering information. Around lunchtime, Abby received a brief text message from Sophie that decided her to continue working at GE while fulfilling her next task mission, Find Pandora.

Abby discreetly deletes Sophie's message and joined the rest for lunch. Well, the best way to know something about the company is to ask the workers as an employee always get the latest rumor and information.
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》