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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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125 Cain

Uno headed over a brown A4 size envelope to Sophie where she passed it over to her brother. She knew that whatever inside that envelope is what been waiting by Sara and him. Vincent took the envelope, took out its content and handed it over to Sara.

Sara took those full-blown photographs and scrutinized it over and over again. No doubt, the person she has been looking for is the same person in the photograph. Finally, a legit clue. Relief, anxious and resentment flashes in her eyes, hence Sara closed her eyes to reel in her emotions as she passed the photographs to Vincent.

Vincent took those photographs and look into it one by one. The images are almost the same, a clearly defined image of a couple kissing in front of an apartment, then a blown up image of a person reflected in the road concave mirror and further defined of that particular image. The most detail one is an image of a normal face of a middle age man with a deep burn scar across his face.

True, this is the person she has been looking for - Cain.

Vincent passed the photographs back to Sophie. She took a look but was startled by the first image. She turned around to look at Uno before prompting him to come closer. She whispered softly her command before Uno nodded affirmative and left the room alone.

Gilligan looked at her with an interest but what he received back was a big smile and two thumbs up for a great well done. Sophie made a mental note to purchase a large grand frame for the picture she asked Uno to print - the picture of her and Shawn kissing in front of the apartment in 4K resolution. What a great image captured!

As Sophie wondering where in her apartment should she place the grand portrait, her thoughts were brought back as she heard her brother calling her name. Looking at Sara and Vincent, Sophie disregards her fleeting thought and back to focus on the topic on hand - who is the person captured in the photograph.

After dismissed Gilligan, Sara explained to her about Cain. Sara is looking for Cain after he went missing after the death of her mentor, the previous Underworld Lord of the White Tiger. That is why she wanted to find Cain. Her mentor trusted him with her life and she ended dead, so she wanted to know what happened.

The only lead she has now is that Cain is somewhere in City N and she needs to find him. Sara told the time to tell Sophie about her life - how she was adopted by her mentor, an orphan that was abandoned in an old orphanage in City S and how she learned medical knowledge under her mentor.

After a long heart-to-heart session, the air in the room became lighter and warm. Sophie took a deep breath, ever since she re-live her life she vows herself to protects those she cares and loves - her family, close friends, and her Adonis.

Now, she will do as she promised she would.
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》