That Adonis is Mine!
124 True Siblings
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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124 True Siblings

Euterpe - a three-floor family karaoke building that operates 24 hours for 365 days. The building consists of several rooms of different sizes to accommodate a different number of customers. The ground level is where the reception area and pantry located for single or duo booths. The second and third floor is where a bigger room is located and each room is soundproof and contained the latest released songs.

But there is a secret within the walls of Euterpe.

A secret passage that leads selected customers to the secret basement, the Black Tortoise hideout.

When Sophie first time led here by her brother, she was astonished. She expected the Underworld lord would hide somewhere deep in the ground like Batcave or high rise building like Stark Tower. She never expected a hideout inside a karaoke building. A family karaoke building!

Gathered inside a medium size full-screen room, Gilligan fingers continuously stroke against the keyboard, writing a series of commands and codes nonstop. He plans to write a program that would clarify any blurred image or zoomed any small image or brighten any dark images. Since he programming a new code, he plans to add digital image search as well as a bonus.

Leaving Gilligan with his devices, Sophie followed Vincent towards a small room where she assumed as his own private office. But walking inside, the place was nothing like what she expected. The room was absolutely bare, except for a square wooden table and four matching chairs at each side.

Vincent took a seat at one of the sides while gesturing her to sit as well. Sophie took the opposite seat and waiting for him to talk. After a short while, the door was opened from the outside and another person entered the room - Sara Heidi.

An obvious surprise presents in his eyes but Vincent disregard it nevertheless. He stood up with a smile on his face, surely happy with her arrival and took Sara by the hand and led her to sit next to him.

"Why did you come? Didn't I told you I'll let you know as soon as I receive any results?"

Though Vincent sounded angry, the clear doting in his voice overrides any displeasure. Sophie looked at her brother and silently made a mental note on how similar he is like her. A true sibling, placing lover first before sister/brother!

"I just wanted to know it sooner."

Sara unable to stay put once she heard from Vincent that Sophie had someone in her team that could restore the image to a viewable degree despite its low quality and a small size image. Her hands shaken and her heart beating restlessly.

As Vincent continuously console Sara, a knock was heard from the closed door and Vincent allowed entry. Gilligan came inside with Uno followed behind him where they stood near to Sophie.

The expectation was displayed on Sara's face without any hint to disguise it. Neither Vincent or Sara told Sophie about what it's all about and it wasn't her place to ask as well. Everyone has a secret, she has one as well. Hence, unless they wanted to share with her, she wouldn't ask.

"How was it?" Sophie asked Gilligan which he replied in a single word, 'Success'.
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》