That Adonis is Mine!
123 Mood Booster
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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123 Mood Booster

Sophie returned to Stellar after her appointment with her brother, Vincent at BlueBell. Entering her office, Eve followed suit to debrief her on her schedule that was majorly being cleared out and rescheduled.

Once Eve did her task, Sophie requested that she would not be disrupted unless anything urgent. Eve accepted her order and walked out of the office. She continued to complete her task before the day ended. Her task became even overwhelmed ever since Abby left her position as Sophie second assistant last week.

Eve mumbled whether Sophie would find another replacement soon since her two hands unable to complete everything within the time frame. As Eve continued her work, a softly repeated pulse buzzing on top of her desk, a push notification on her phone that disappear in a split second, yet long enough for her to read the message.

Sophie on another hand continues checking and signing confidential documents, completing her responsibility as the young CEO. Sophie wondered if she could poach her Adonis over, a great eye candy, capable leader and delicious moral support!

Definitely putting this mission on! Truly a mood booster!

Sophie pauses her task in hand, reached out for her personal phone instead. After establishing a secure line, she sends out chat messages to her team.

Kicking Your Ass Hard: Black Tortoise requesting assistance. Split resources.

Beauty With Brain: Which come first, boss?

Talk To My Fist: Self volunteer to wherever that need physical fist peace talks.

Follow My Lead: Do you even know what 'peace' is?

Talk To My Fist: Something that I can use my fist to say my point of view.

Beauty With Brain: That 'violence', blockhead.

Poisoning You Make Me Smile: Peace is whenever someone eats my medicines.

Follow My Lead: That's rest in peace!

Gilligan is Me: LOL

Kicking Your Ass Hard: …

Beauty With Brain: Back to the original course, how should we split our resource, boss?

Kicking Your Ass Hard: Uno and Gilligan will help out Black Tortoise. Abby continues your infiltration, Wally will assist you.

Poisoning You Make Me Smile: What about me, boss?

Kicking Your Ass Hard: I have another task for you to concoct.

Poisoning You Make Me Smile: A new task?! What do you want me to make, boss?! I'll create anything for you!

Kicking Your Ass Hard: I'll let you know later personally.

Follow My Lead: Boss, allow me to be bold and remind you something.

Kicking Your Ass Hard: What is it?

Follow My Lead: Non consensual sex is r*pe.

Beauty With Brain: No love born from r*pe, boss.

Kicking Your Ass Hard: ….


Kicking Your Ass Hard left the conversation.
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    《That Adonis is Mine!》