That Adonis is Mine!
119 Possible Lead
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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119 Possible Lead

A softly repeated alarm ringing the silent bedroom, waking up Vincent. He sluggishly reached out his arm, searching the source of that continuous tone before throwing the alarm clock over the wall. The durable alarm clock wasn't smashed into broken pieces but instead ringing even in higher tune.

Vincent was never a morning person. In fact, if not due to his position as next in line for Shane Co and he need to work, he wouldn't want to wake up this early! He even wonders whether he could take MC just to gain extra hours to snooze off.

With much effort and laziness, Vincent finally walked out off his bed and headed towards the white blueish alarm clock, a gift from his beloved, adorable, kind, gentle, thoughtful, graceful, beautiful, sweet, cheerful, little sister. It was a present she gave to him a year ago for his birthday.

His bad demeanor during waking up were all known by his family, hence the ridiculously high number of a broken alarm clock. He would toss off the noisy alarm clock every morning and snoozed off back until he would be waking up late every single time.

But since he been using this durable alarm clock, though he still is grumpy and lazy to wake up in the early morning, he wouldn't be late anymore. All because the alarm was never broken and continue to buzzing even higher tone each time he throws the alarm against the wall.

He once asking Sophie regarding the manufacturer, but she was secretive about it - saying that it wasn't manufactured publicly. Now that he thinks about it, perhaps the creator behind this alarm was the same genius boy in her team.

Shawn walked back to his bed and placed the alarm on his side back. As he walked to take a shower, he heard his phone beeping in orderly pulse, a dedicated ringtone to someone he held dear. The designed pulse also notified him that she is contacting him not as Vincent Shane but towards his hidden persona, the Black Tortoise.

Thinking it was urgent, he quickly switched on his phone, swiped up and unlock the phone before swiped down the notification bar. He clicked on the message icon and saw a text message with an attached image.

Her message was a brief two words - "Possible lead". He double clicked the image to download the image and tapped to view once completed. He was dumbfounded. How could an image of a couple kissing in front of an apartment that he well recognized as the same apartment his beloved sister stayed to be a possible lead in their pursuit for truth?

But knowing Sara, she must have her reason to say so. Well, as any doting husband always said, 'a wife word never wrong'. He quickly sends a reply back to her before sending another message to Sophie to borrow her team for this task.

Scratched that, he should use this as a reason to see his sister instead. Perhaps eating breakfast as well. He looked at the time, swiftly contacting Eve to schedule his appointment with her today knowing that Sophie would ignore his message if he tries to contact her directly.

Once he has done, Vincent jolly went into the shower and preparing himself to meet his lovable sister, not knowing that his plan disrupts his sister sweet time with her Adonis.
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