That Adonis is Mine!
118 Captured Image
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That Adonis is Mine!
Author :thumbScroller
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118 Captured Image

Inside a white clean room where a clear cut iodoform smell lingers at every corner, a soft buzz vibration heard across the room, disturbing Sara that was focusing on her work. She stood up from her workbench and walked towards her desk where her phone lay still.

Holding her phone in her hand, swipe up then entered her keyword to unlock her phone. She swiped down her notification and tap at the displayed icon. She scrolled down to the last message where an image was attached without any text message.

She double clicked on the image to download and tap again to open before released a soft chuckle. When she wanted to close the popup image, her eyes accidentally brought onto the corner of the image where her smile freeze.

She immediately pinches out to zoom the image however the image was low quality and too dark that made the image blurry. Sara released a heavy sigh before minimized the image and scrutinized the image again.

After taking a moment to think, Sara replied the message with five-figure numbers. The reply came instantaneously like it was patiently waiting for her response. Another reply comes with a locker number, street address, date and time for the exchange.

Sara reply promptly before deleting her chat history like she always did. She made a call to relay her command of the exchange before ending the call. Her mood worsens. She was thinking whether the image captured was accidental or a deliberated scheme, baiting her to proceed to a downfall end.

Another buzz came in and Sara opens the message pronto. The exchange was successful and she now has the original copy of the image. She replies to her next set of command to send the image for verification for any manipulation and wanted another clear copy to be sent to her. The recipient replies her with acknowledgment and she received a copy of the whole image shots after a few minutes.

Sara glanced thru the images until she came across to the one she saw earlier. The image was clearly centralized at a couple with amorous behavior in front of Starlight Apartment but her concern wasn't on the couple that she obviously knew, but at the vague face captured at the road convex mirror.

Doubted she was wrong and knowing that she's lack of private personal that could enlarge the image without breaking the pixel and losing its resolution, she made a decision in her heart. She double tapped on the image and select an option to forward the image. She entered a string of number she knew by heart, type a description text before clicked 'Sent'.

She waited for a brief moment before a reply come from the number she sends earlier. The reply was brief and concise but warmed her heart.

"Black Tortoise: Your wish is my command, my queen."
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